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QWhats going on with the Mullaperiyar Dam?

Will it break ? : (

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#1tiffany mccormickAnswered at 2012-12-17 00:40:30
I have no idea until I grew up. What this dam is that you are mentioning about, sounds like it is old and weak and needs to be worked as soon as possible, the reinforcement of some sort to strengthen their ability to withstand the forces of water that has been doing since it was built. If a dam, as such, has survived and beyond its useful life and capacity, people who are directly in charge really should take immediate steps to ensure the safety of residents who will be affected by it. It is really unfortunate that something as simple as that can not be brought to the immediate attention of the authorities in charge. If that dam should give way at any moment, the unimaginable catastrophe and doom would be so great that there would be an uproar so loud it was heard around the world. So those directly responsible should take responsibility for any and all I knew about but do not take action. They are not expected to justify their proposed action and would have none. If the condition of the dam is as bad as it seems, and in need of immediate attention ... the government or the authorities in charge should seriously take preventive measures as soon as possible and not wait. Whatever your reasons for taking no action never, never be justified as long as millions of lives have already been taken. Sad really, how humanity can not care for themselves more these days old. As long as your life is not in jeapardy, then that's all that matters. * Sigh * The selfishness of mankind never fully understood. It is as if the world has shrunk to less and less compassion around the world as part of time ticks forward. I have nothing more to say ... just who is in charge only has to take immediate action, the sooner the better. Do it for the good of humanity and the millions of lives that will be in the path of flooding is unforgiving when the dam finally decides to give. We saw this youtube video of referring to Mullayperiyar Dam as a time bomb dropping, that if they step affect the lives of 2.5 million people in its path. This is really sad. ...
#2YaunAnswered at 2012-12-24 15:41:48
it is a problem between two states that sound as though chetan Bhagats novel ... but the question is different I suggest you go to the link below and you will receive all the information on this item from here ... I'll share a link with you
#3rachealAnswered at 2013-01-02 08:30:54
On February 18, 2010, the Supreme Court decided to constitute a five-member empowered committee to study all the issues of Mullaiperiyar Dam and seek a report from it within six months. [28] The Bank in its draft order said Tamil Nadu and Kerala would have the option to nominate a member each, who could be a retired judge or a technical expert. The five-member committee will be headed by former Chief Justice of India, Anand enter all matters relating to dam safety and the storage level. However, the then ruling party of Tamil Nadu, DMK, passed a resolution that not only oppose the decision of the apex court to form the five-member committee, but also said the state government will not nominate any member thereof. [29] The then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said that immediately after the Supreme Court announced its decision to establish a committee, he had written to Congress president asking the Centre to mediate between Kerala and Tamil Nadu on Mullaperiyar issue. [30] However, the then leader of the opposition, that is, the current Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalithaa objected to the TN government measure. She said that this would give advantage to Kerala in the issue. [31] Meanwhile, Kerala Water Resources Minister NK Premachandran told the state Assembly that the State should have the right of construction, ownership, operation and maintenance of the new dam, while Tamil Nadu water, based a definite agreement. He also informed the media that former Supreme Court Judge Mr. KT Thomas will represent Kerala on the expert group established by the Supreme Court. [32] On March 8, 2010, in a new twist to the Mullaperiyar dam row, Tamil Nadu told the Supreme Court that he was not interested in the adjudication of the dispute with Kerala before the special "empowered" committee appointed by the high court to resolve the issue between the States. [33] However, the Supreme Court refused to accept Tamil Nadu's request to scrap the decision to form the committee of the faculty. The Supreme Court also criticized the Union Government on its reluctance to fund the commission empowered. [
#4Silence replace allAnswered at 2013-01-31 05:51:44
No doubt it will not last . I bet if the wealthy loved in the way of potential flood waters , something you can do about it .
#5ycAnswered at 2013-02-02 15:50:57
here to answer # # # # # # # # # # # # #
#6TheraAnswered at 2013-03-18 06:24:25
Well , the problem is between two states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala is a long time . Tamil Nadu Government is insisting kerala govt to increase the height of the dam mullaperiyar but kerala govt refuses . that's the problem ..... ok :)
#7PizzaAnswered at 2013-07-02 04:58:28
Mullapperiyar Dam is in danger the countdown is started. SAVE KERALA GIVE WATER FOR TAMILNADU AND SUPPORT NEW DAM.

I request all people please take it as a urgency to open the eyes of governments support us by signing in this petition(It only require your name and email id). Which may save many peoples life.…
and refer the link below to know the situation.…
For those who still think "Mullaperiyar" issue is a regional one......What will happen to Kerala and South India if Mullaperiyar Dam breaks?

1) Under water sea cable for internet connectivity connects India to rest of the world , thats only in Cochin. If Cochin Goes Down, South Indian IT Hub will come to a stand still. All the gateway CISCO routers , switches etc in Kakkanad will float in Arabian... Ocean. IP packets from Bangalore, chennai etc will not cross the ocean.......

2) Cochin Refineries - Which refines petroleum products and services most of South India. If it is washed away, TamilNadu, Karnataka and Andhra has to find much more expensive options for Petroleum Refineries.
3) Kerala will be in complete darkness for ages, no TV, no Internet, no Mobile towers, once the Idukki hydro electric power plant is washed away, resulting from Mullaperiyar collapse.

4) Kerala... will be divided into 2 lands, impacting geography of India, and washing away an area of vast bio diversity, along with 30 lakh people. Serving rest of the people with food and other stuffs will be an extremely tedious task.

5) Port City of Cochin, will not be in world map anymore. Vallarpadam port will be a history, all of South India has to again depend on Colombo for Mother ships , a very expensive option.

6) Tamil Nadu will not get water for irrigation or drinking anymore, as stored water in Mullaperiyar dam will flow to the ocean, when the dam collapses.

7) Along its course, the water current will wash Idukki Dam, and many many Industries , Factories, IT Parks, Hospitals, Ports, Cochin City, temples, mosques, churches etc etc to the Arabian Ocean.

8) A disaster 180 times terrific than Hiroshima. This is not exaggeration. Spread this, my friends. Information is power. Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu are stakeholders in this issue.

Here is the Mullaperiyar Dam Specifications
Official Name : Mullapperiyar Dam
Location : Kerala, India
Coordinates : 9°31'43"N 77°8'39"E
Height : 155 ft (47.224 m)
Length : 1200 ft (365.76 m)
Latitude : 1300 m above sea level
Capacity : 443.23 million cubic meter (15.66 TMC)

Potential Energy of water stored : 13500 Tera Joules (which is 180 times more than energy released by a nuclear bomb explosion)

Reasoning That Predict An Imminent Danger
1.High seismic activity

2.Soil Piping

3.Overstress of material of the dam from earthquake loading due to deterioration

As per the study of IISc Mullaperiyar dam is situated in a seismically active zone. Earth quakes of Richter scale 6.0 is predicted to happen in this area. The 116 year old British design might have neglected the possibility of earthquake as South India was not prone to earthquakes then. As per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Mullaperiyar is on seismic zone III. This means that a maximum intensity of VII can be expected. Failure of Mullaperiyar will be a cascading effect resulting in collapse of the bigger Idukki dam and many smaller dams in the downstream.
#8I anaAnswered at 2013-07-11 23:59:25
i think its in bad condition...the Kerala gov is planning to rebuild it...
#9Stumped againAnswered at 2013-09-21 16:49:13
No i am gonna fix that :-* gud morning.
#10jwAnswered at 2013-10-11 13:58:12
Though the Mullaperiyar Dam and the river are fully owned and located in Kerala,the dam is controlled and operated on a period lease( 999 yrs !) by Tamil Nadu.The safety of this dam is the matter of concern and the point of dispute btw Kerala and Tamil Nadu states.
It has outlived its expected life span of 50 yrs and now it is 116 yrs.And now the dam is in weak condition and it cannot withstand an earth quake above magnitude 6 on the Richter scale.
If it breaks......the catastrophe wld be unimaginable ..... :(
So the Governments shld take appropriate action at appropriate time..........
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