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What is a true happiness? related questions

  • 1What is a true happiness?

    What is true happiness? --- For Otcil Last --- Is it a happy one defines today? Happiness today is tomorrow's suffering. A morning suffering admirable music is playing today. So what is the real happiness we are choosing? During the days that are young and prosperity. No matter how the rivers flow and the wind direction. Even the birds that land or soil. Despites words of wisdom from the truth of God was written. To inspire the words of the goddess fade in time. To build a house in a quicksand instead of rock. And planting in search of a drought in rocky soils. To us forget our soil preparation or nurture. Killing the trees, the rivers, and the land of the richest crack for need. Prosper in blindness through the fears within the control of the goddess. Until one day start with thunder charisma. Earthquakes, floods, droughts and give ground waves. Famines, tribulation, and a proud greedy wars. To survive you live in the blood of his suffering brethren. Children, parents, siblings and daughters are against each other. The degeneration of our children's future is one will. These are not the signs meet the heavenly Father. These are the signs of an earthly father contributes corrupt. He steals their children generations wealth and happiness. Spendthrift celebrate her selfishness needs today. Assign their children with debts and destruction of time. To the spirits of the land of truth cries out to heaven. With innocent souls are mourning the heavenly Father. Mercy on Him is to make us choose wisely. It is not punishment, is an own ashtrays. The time of our world full of hungry wolves. To win this world were eating meat. Those to be sure they are taking the marks. The justice will be persecution and denial. The blood and the bodies of earth revolutions are crushing. Two thirds of people with extinct removed. Now, once the knowledge and prospered countries will be annihilated. The vital suffer from flocks of his father. Is this a true happiness that you are choosing for? Because we still have time you can change future destruction. Through their eyes the happiness boys "are in our hands. For the fruit must die to be successful tomorrow. Tears of hope for the world of children to come tomorrow ... For today, we must understand the sacrifice for tomorrow. Or you can choose happiness today with music. In tomorrow's suffering is caused by us today. Generations to come, the darkness is in our children's eyes. Is this a true earthly happiness of being a father? For once children had called our dear son. promised to give everything the world could offer. Earthly father, what children have done to deserve it? From heart envy, have done bad things. For the blood we drink and eat incarnated USDA Agricultural Research unborn. Our hands were covered the blood of our innocent brothers. A duel with tears of hope for the world to come ...

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  • 3Today morning my dream came true of earth quake in iran. It is a coinsidence or should i go and see doc? true ?

    This morning my dream came true the earthquake in Iran . It is a coinsidence or should I see doc ? right?

  • 4Is this true?

    if you see rats and cockroaches runaway an earthquake is about to occur

  • 5End of the world... true?

    It seems a bit strange that the date of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan ( 03/10/11 ) and the date of 911 ( 09/11/01 ) 12/21/12 is added ? Could this mean anything? I'm going crazy haha.

  • 6Is it true that time?

    Is it true that time is moving faster after the earthquake in Japan ?

  • 7Ramadan:is this true...?

    I am a Muslim, and three weeks ago I had every confidence that Islam was right, but now after reading a few pieces of information, I think I missed my test. Well first, you have all these scientific facts in the Quran. Well, they have all been denied. Then you have the fact that the Bible and the Old Testament were damaged, but how do we know for sure? How do we know that the Quran is not corrupted? After all, if many hadiths were corrupted, can we say the same with the Koran? Then you have the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). People say that the Qur'an is a miracle, because the Prophet was illiterate, and could not have written the Quran. But the early Muslims memorize the Koran, and the Koran was not written until decades after the Prophet. Therefore, it was not written but Muhammad was literate. Finally there are the so-called golden age of Islam, where Muslims had many scientists who have contributed to science. Well, they were nice, but were they Muslims? I looked at many of these scientists, and they all had questions on religion and basically hit the prophets. Many of these prophets were atheists / agnostics, non-religious Jews, Pagans, Zoroastrians and others. For example, the scientist who contributed greatly to medicine was Al-Razi. In the accounts of religion, said: If the people of this religion are asked about the proof of the soundness of their religion, bud, get angry and spill the blood of the person who stands in front of this issue. Rational speculation is prohibited, and try to kill their opponents. This is why truth became thoroughly silenced and concealed. In the Qur'an, al-Razi said: You claim that the evidentiary miracle is present and available, namely, the Koran. You say:

  • 8Which statement is true about earthquakes?

    Currently , scientists can only make estimates of probability that an earthquake hit the area . The earthquakes trigger volcanic eruptions . The earth is experiencing tremors larger now than in the past. During an earthquake , the ground can open his mouth and swallow whole buildings then close again.

  • 9Is it true that the RCC says some of the bible is untrue?

    Does the hierarchy of the Catholic Church published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true ?

  • 102012 really end of the world? Is that true?

    December 23, 2012 really the end of the world ? Once I lost my sister . . ! ' ( In the Tsunami in Sri Lanka was out of town now that I came to know that 17 or April 18 scares me I mean I heard my father saying that he had news of earthquake in India and some other news from different countries . So many different news and alerts ? world really going to end ?

  • 11So big thing I dream about come true?

    ! So I'll be honest, I dream of an earthquake or tsunami earth , but I dreamed of a tornado ( one stroke Alabama ) and I had a lot of DayJaVu I just had a dream about a huge hurricane And in my dreams I can feel everything that I get super scared ! So you think a hurricane is going to hit ? Oh , and I also had a dream about a train and all I remember about the train was that it had a blue ribbon and sought and wrappen a train with a blue ribbon around it was hit by the tsunami in Japan no survivors .. . Is not that strange? ! And I've had moments randiest DayjaVu ! Like if I'm writing a note to school but I have Dayjavu is completely random ! It is very rare around here want to help me ?

  • 12Is it true that the end of the world is in 2012?

    Is it true that the end of the world is in 2012 ?