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QWhat is a true happiness?

What is true happiness?
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Is it a happy one defines today?
Happiness today is tomorrow's suffering.
A morning suffering admirable music is playing today.
So what is the real happiness we are choosing?
During the days that are young and prosperity.
No matter how the rivers flow and the wind direction.
Even the birds that land or soil.
Despites words of wisdom from the truth of God was written.
To inspire the words of the goddess fade in time.
To build a house in a quicksand instead of rock.
And planting in search of a drought in rocky soils.
To us forget our soil preparation or nurture.
Killing the trees, the rivers, and the land of the richest crack for need.
Prosper in blindness through the fears within the control of the goddess.
Until one day start with thunder charisma.
Earthquakes, floods, droughts and give ground waves.
Famines, tribulation, and a proud greedy wars.
To survive you live in the blood of his suffering brethren.
Children, parents, siblings and daughters are against each other.
The degeneration of our children's future is one will.
These are not the signs meet the heavenly Father.
These are the signs of an earthly father contributes corrupt.
He steals their children generations wealth and happiness.
Spendthrift celebrate her selfishness needs today.
Assign their children with debts and destruction of time.
To the spirits of the land of truth cries out to heaven.
With innocent souls are mourning the heavenly Father.
Mercy on Him is to make us choose wisely.
It is not punishment, is an own ashtrays.
The time of our world full of hungry wolves.
To win this world were eating meat.
Those to be sure they are taking the marks.
The justice will be persecution and denial.
The blood and the bodies of earth revolutions are crushing.
Two thirds of people with extinct removed.
Now, once the knowledge and prospered countries will be annihilated.
The vital suffer from flocks of his father.
Is this a true happiness that you are choosing for?
Because we still have time you can change future destruction.
Through their eyes the happiness boys "are in our hands.
For the fruit must die to be successful tomorrow.
Tears of hope for the world of children to come tomorrow ...
For today, we must understand the sacrifice for tomorrow.
Or you can choose happiness today with music.
In tomorrow's suffering is caused by us today.
Generations to come, the darkness is in our children's eyes.
Is this a true earthly happiness of being a father?
For once children had called our dear son.
promised to give everything the world could offer.
Earthly father, what children have done to deserve it?
From heart envy, have done bad things.
For the blood we drink and eat incarnated USDA Agricultural Research unborn.
Our hands were covered the blood of our innocent brothers.
A duel with tears of hope for the world to come ...

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#1Jason?Answered at 2012-12-25 12:59:32
when not carry the day to one hour, along the side, etc ... When you can live the life for present ...
#2AnonymousAnswered at 2013-11-04 07:49:30
Happiness it when you do not desire or lust after anything. The less you want the happier you are.
#3Hunter DuttonAnswered at 2013-11-29 22:28:41
when mankind is no more
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What is a true happiness?

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