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QUSA Is it your spiritual duty to drive down the price of oil by demanding less?

With 40% of world consumption of U.S. consumers can with personal determination and discomfort is not much if they use their brains a genius to do it. It is their duty to themselves and their brothers and sisters around the world ?
Or is use whatever you can afford and screw everyone else?

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#1SsssSSSsssSSSAnswered at 2012-12-18 04:17:55
What, did not hit America month or so ? WTF ? You know what, I do not know my circumstances and there are more factors at play here that his little black and white scenario . When you know all the facts and agendas surrounding this issue , then you have room to talk . Not before . Oh , blah blah blah , you hate America, Americans die , we want to see America go down in flames , Oh help us help the United States , there is an earthquake or a tsunami , help please. I hate America , the world 's problems is its America's fault , blah , blah , blah . Jealous much ?
#2MarandaAnswered at 2013-05-11 13:28:56
U.S. can capture and steal oil otherwise
#3AnonymousAnswered at 2022-06-07 03:02:46
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USA Is it your spiritual duty to drive down the price of oil by demanding less?

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