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QFellow Christians what is the meaning of this passage?

The Lord is a jealous God , full of anger and revenge . He takes revenge on all who oppose him and furiously destroys his enemies ! The Lord is slow to anger , but his power is great , and never lets the guilty go unpunished . He shows his power in the whirlwind and the storm . Puffy clouds are the dust of his feet . Under his command the oceans and rivers dry up , the lush pastures of Bashan and Carmel fade , and the green forests of Lebanon wither . In his presence the mountains quake and the hills melt, and the earth trembles , and its people are destroyed . Who can stand before his indignation ? Who can survive his burning anger ? His fury glows like fire , and the mountains crumble into dust in his presence . The Lord is good . When trouble comes, is a strong refuge . And he knows everyone who trusts him. But devastates its enemies in an overwhelming flood . He pursues his enemies in the dark of night . ( Nahum 1:2-8 NIV )

I'm struggling to come to terms with the true meaning .

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#1BETTY0912Answered at 2012-12-05 09:33:52
God does not tolerate evil. Yes , He is love, but it is also fair . He will get rid of those who oppose it , and those who bring suffering to the world . Look at this scripture on a positive note . The world we know is full of suffering and pain , will be a day full of joy and peace . If this passage was written about those times before, but it is written for our day . Soon , God will get rid of the wicked ( Psalm 37:9-11 ) . As long as you are close to God there is nothing to worry about.
#2MelisaAnswered at 2012-12-09 08:58:56
This means that the enemies of God and his people always lose. Hahahahahahaha vote what they fear , however , say they do not believe in. Pathetic really .
#3CailieAnswered at 2012-12-12 19:05:39
The Lord is holy , and therefore , He will not allow sin unpunished . You should not do that fight - should make you appreciate even more his grace and mercy . It is only by fully understanding their wrath against sin (which is very real ) to totally fear of what Jesus did for us on the cross . Now they are redeemed and declared righteous , because they have sinned ( and therefore not to arouse his anger ) , but because someone paid the price for you .
#4KegahnAnswered at 2012-12-27 14:35:38
God will kill yo ' @ $ $ if $ p $ of it! That's what I spent most of the Old Testament doing , kill crazy people crazy . Then he gave his child for us , sacrificed his son to himself to appease himself actions (against laws that he created ) of beings he created (which , as he is all knowing he knew I would do ) ....
#5hetherAnswered at 2013-01-02 17:00:18
The evil in this land comes from those who oppose God and His righteous standards . God's justice demands payment for sin . Without God brought destruction on this earth clean through events like the Flood of Noah , this world would be much worse . Fortunately , however , has provided a way for our sins to be covered through faith in Jesus' death on the cross for our sins .
#6jaeAnswered at 2013-01-17 00:09:19
His attributes are declaring.
#7Marian AkinseteAnswered at 2013-01-31 21:29:48
#8dAnswered at 2013-03-03 20:01:48
I personally think it's obvious. The Lord is a reprehensible character . It's a good thing the Lord is a mythical character , do not you think ?
#9 형용사 Answered at 2013-04-13 18:15:23
This means that Mr. ruthless killing machine is a jerk
#10CarryAnswered at 2013-05-29 17:18:08
This Prophet is preaching to Nineveh about 150 years after Jonah did so. Because they had fallen into their old ways and were wicked. Nahum was warning these people, trying to wake then up and get them righteous like Jonah did. he used it by telling of the destruction coming at the Second Coming and then reversed the order in later chapters. He portrays God as a man of vengeance (2) then of tender compassion (7). God is slow to anger but he indeed will pour out his wrath on the wicked. Those who remain righteous have nothing to fear, generally. This threat came because Nineveh threatened to destroy God people.
#11juniorAnswered at 2013-09-07 23:28:42
This lord looks more like a physical creature.
#12FrenchAnswered at 2013-11-06 10:59:04
To me it means that God wants us to have a relationship with Him and worship Him only. He is mighty and powerful and the Creator who deserves our worship. He will take care of us (be our refuge) when in trouble if we know (or serve) Him. God will punish the wicked, and destroy all that was tainted by sin, plain and simple, and make all things new. This is reiterated in the Bible numerous times.
#13PacificoAnswered at 2013-12-01 18:09:50
Means your God is an angry human warmonger.
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Fellow Christians what is the meaning of this passage?

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