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How much longer must we wait until God sends Jesus back to earth for his second coming &how many biblical? related questions

  • 1How much longer must we wait until God sends Jesus back to earth for his second coming &how many biblical?

    Prophecies have seen so far , I was watching the news the other day and I live here and was born here in Chicago and in a couple of weeks ago there was talk of the tornado that struck down state of Illinois and then only a few days ago said several tornadoes were in Texas and then said something about a powerful earthquake . I'm so full of fear because I do not want to see an earthquake Chicago . I'm tired of suffering from pain of weeks ago and it hurt so much I thought I would die , only a few days ago I had oral surgery and I had four wisdom teeth extracted and next month , I again have more teeth extracted and I have rolled on the ground screaming in pain and agony and pain just very intense.

  • 2Is the Earth actually coming to an end now? Is Jesus coming back? 15/midwe ... Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky Earthquakes around the world now. A volcano in Iceland . Now , a giant fireball appears in the sky . If this really is the end, I just want to say Welcome JESUS ​​!

  • 3Jesus is He Coming Back Again?

    Is Jesus coming back ? If he's going to come back again soon? Will we still have all these beautiful cities of Mexico ,

  • 4Do you think jesus is coming back soon?

    Many people say they will come back soon , because in all tradgedys and deaths worldwide . I understand that there are a lot of problems , but think at times like when World War 2 million were killed for no reason. Why he did not come then. What do you think ?

  • 5If Muslims believe Jesus Christ is a great prophet do they also believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus?

    Many people who responded to my previous question I asked to provide additional information , so I'll say again the question with a link at the bottom of reference. * When Jesus died on the cross , it is said that the earth opened up and all the dead who died while he was alive, risen from the dead and walked among the living for three days in the sight of all who were taking to the sky . So why has followers 2000 years later. The Bible also calls the second coming of Jesus accompanied by the second resurrection . Is it a common belief and if not why not ? *

  • 6Who agrees that we are seeing more signs Jesus Christ said will remind us all of his second coming to earth?

    I think this time the U.S. foreign has been seeing is a sign, and it is very cold in April and is now everywhere out side, I was watching the news this morning and I heard a powerful earthquake , which killed tons of people and the death toll is rising.

  • 7When will Jesus be Back Again?

    When Jesus back again ?

  • 8Do you think Jesus will come back in the next year? Why?

    The earth trembles , many murders ( Kasey Anthony , this new Norwegian murderer who killed more than 80 young people ) , issues of religion nascent Obama trying to divide Isreal , comet Elenin Earht approaches ... wats goin on ?

  • 9Ramadan : The biggest hurricane katrina coming back to America?

    Obama warns its citizens about this huge hurricane. How do you feel ? Do you think this hurricane is sent by God to warn about the U.S. government 's misdeeds it went this goverment created by themselves in order to kill as many people as possible? It is possible that as

  • 10Did any one see in the bible where Jesus said before his coming again we would have more and more earthquakes?

    Earthquake swarm in the park exceeds 1,000 January 22, 2010 11:35 a.m. • Gazette Staff • Montana Earthquake Information • Yellowstone National Park Earthquake Information • Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center website More than 1,000 small and moderate earthquakes have occurred in Yellowstone National Park since Sunday, according to the National Park Service. That's more than half of the average annual total in the park - 1,600 annually. Last year, a swarm of more than 800 earthquakes near Yellowstone Lake was recorded in late December and early January. In total, more than 1,650 earthquakes were recorded in the park in 2009. "Many of these events are very small," said Peter Cervelli, acting scientist in charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. "The total energy released is lower than a magnitude 4." The seismic activity is concentrated in the northwest corner of the Yellowstone Caldera, in the park roughly halfway between the Old Faithful, West Yellowstone. Ten of the earthquakes have been magnitude 3.0 or greater, with a 3.8 magnitude earthquake recorded late Wednesday night. The larger earthquakes have been felt by people in the Old Faithful, West Yellowstone, Canyon, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grant Village, Madison and Gardiner. No damage or injuries have been reported. More than 800 earthquakes have been less than 2.0 in magnitude. Most earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 are not felt. Usually it takes an earthquake of magnitude 4.0 or greater to cause structural damage, and a magnitude 6.5 earthquake and the surface of the earth to rupture. The current seismic activity due to changing pressures and change in the earth's crust, and not to any change or increase in volcanic activity at Yellowstone, scientists agree. Cervelli said scientists are detecting more of the smaller earthquakes due to better control. "Our ability to locate events keeps getting better," he said. Cervelli said there is no known reason why cloud happened last year and this year at about the same season. The National Park Service is using the occasion to strengthen preparedness for earthquakes and to remind employees and visitors as unique geological nature and active park has resulted in the creation of the world's largest collection of geysers, hot springs and other hydrothermal features. Seismic activity is monitored at all times by the staff of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, a cooperative effort of the National Park Service, the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Utah. A continuously updated map and list of earthquakes in Yellowstone is available at ... More information about the Yellowstone volcano and geothermal systems of the park can be found on the website Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center ... Yellowstone National Park, Earthquake related stories • 3 earthquakes reported in Yellowstone swarm • Researchers report more Yellowstone earthquakes • Small quake shakes Yellowstone region • Yellowstone for better seismic monitors • Two earthquakes of magnitude 3 Rock Park • Yellowstone earthquake swarm decreases

  • 11If earthquakes shorten the day ,does that mean a day used to be longer? If so how much longer? Say from a you?

    What I would like to know is, due to the earthquakes we've lost 2-4 hours after the original time in an hour? It is the day when we talk about (scientific ) idea American Day ( modern ) a day ? Or are they saying earthquakes alter the time of day compared with the time of day that has been here for 10,000 years - to what billions of years , say the earth is .

  • 12Do you think Jesus as a tradesman could have been suffering from heavy metal poisoning after coming into?

    contact lead and mercury in the manufacture of nails , fastners and woodworking tools ? Heavy metal poisoning was common in Roman times and a common cause of madness and illusion .