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QTranslate into japanese with correct words please thanks!?

Good evening passengers , we regret to inform you that your flight has been delayed due to bad weather , earthquake , landslide, hale storm , hurricane and coughs and colds , we will announce the news again in a few minutes , please relax and enjoy. thank you!

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#1NessyAnswered at 2013-02-16 15:41:01
乗客 の 皆様,こんばんは.悪 天候,地震,地滑り,雹 を 伴っ た 嵐,ハリケーン,咳 と 風邪 の ため,フライト が 遅く れ て おり ます こと を お詫び 申し上げ ます.あと 数 分 で お知らせ を アナウンス いたし ます.どうぞ,お くつろぎ ください.ありがとう ござい ます! joukyaku not minasama , Konbanwa . akutenkou , Jishin , jisuberi , Hyou tomonatta arashi wo , n - Harike , domesticated seki to Kaze no , furaito wo koto ga okurete orimasu owabi moushiagemasu . ato wo oshirase suufun of anaunsu Itashimasu . Douzo , okutsurogi kudasai . arigatou gozaimasu . Bad weather =悪 天候( akutenkou ) earthquake =地震( Jishin ) =地滑りlandslide ( jisuberi ) hale storm =雹 を 伴っ た 嵐( Hyou tomonatta arashi wo ) Hurricane =ハリケーン( Harike - n ) cough and cold =咳 と 風邪( seki to kaze )
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Translate into japanese with correct words please thanks!?

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