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QPlease can someone translate this to Spanish to me?

You have to shimmy shake
Make the earthquake
Kick, in turn , stomp , stomp, after jumping
Heel to toe , Do Yes No

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#1JolenaAnswered at 2013-10-21 12:48:43
Tienes que menearte.
Hacer la tierra temblar.
Patear, virarte, zapatear, zapatear, entonces brincas
Talón a dedo gordo, dos a dos, dale vuelta a tu pareja

Do, Si, Do is not translatable, is like saying the musical scale, do, re mi,... is not literally translatable either.
#2CallyAnswered at 2013-12-23 09:09:40
Granny translated well. This is my version:

Tienes que menearte
hacer que la Tierra tiemble
Patear, girar, dar un zapateo, dar un zapateo, y luego saltar.
en el talón y en el dedo gordo.

Hope this helps.
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Please can someone translate this to Spanish to me?

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