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3 earthquakes since last year ? What's going on ? Earth could survive after 2012 , right?

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#1barrieAnswered at 2012-11-17 18:07:58
Precisely , Mr. Spock . Each calendar has to end sometime . The final song on 12 not
#2TitirAnswered at 2012-11-17 18:31:12
Hey kid , several million earthquakes occur each year . ...
#3ChrissieAnswered at 2012-11-18 15:37:50
There are earthquakes every day every year all over the world . What happened last week is particularly devastating in Japan, and its aftershocks . Although huge , is not the most powerful earthquake in history. The problem was compounded because it occurred on the high seas ( and therefore generates a massive tsunami ... but again , not the biggest I 've ever seen , even in recent history ) and because it was a country with one very high population density . And, yes , there were other earthquakes in the past year ... but in reality are nothing out of the ordinary . I mean , look at the nations around the Himalays . They have massive earthquakes each year , but with the possible exception of China , you do not hear about them as often. Why? Simply because they are not connected to the media as intimately as China , Japan and the Caribbean islands just off the coast of the United States.
#4Phat Ass Answered at 2012-11-18 22:07:18
Nature is what is happening .
#5leratoAnswered at 2012-11-19 17:36:33
We are populating the planet , that's what 's happening. If the earthquake had been in an area where there are people who just have no attention . So earthquakes happen all the time , are those who are beginning to feel the effects , when we are in such high densities .
#6mufasa Answered at 2012-11-22 18:51:32
What the first poster said . :)
#7CadyAnswered at 2012-11-24 16:05:34
Yes Yes The usual. Yes.
#8marymacAnswered at 2012-11-24 16:19:19
Who knows , it is obvious that we are on a course of destruction , however , not to mention all the protests in the Middle East. It's almost a domino effect . Earthquakes in abundance , tsunami , floods , terrible weather conditions. No one can argue that the time has worsened , so does this mean ? Only God knows , and we are told to always be ready, because the Lord will come like a thief in the night . I know things much more must occur before the end, every state in writing that . Atheists are going to break the retarded shit and call us if we use the scriptures as proof , but hey, it has been reliable so far , with hundreds of fulfilled prophecies and scientific evidence . Why do not you think? Pray to God and hope he has mercy enough to save you, all we have to do this . Ignore the instructions if you want , but they're there , do not think at the top of his still , much more needs to happen , I pray that everyone finds peace before the end. God bless you. Also from a Christian perspective , we are told before the end of time , Israel is recreated even though you are surrounded by enemies , man advances in technology severely , sin will take over the world, marriage gay sex becomes normal, will become the norm , ungodliness will become normal earthquakes , land all over the place , changing climatic conditions , and the big wars . So yeah , who knows , I do not think it is 2012 , I think trying to predict a date is useless .
#9drwlsAnswered at 2012-12-13 12:36:08
Jesus said there will be earthquakes in various places and they were going to increase as we approach the end . Matthew chapter 24 .
#10dashawnAnswered at 2013-02-06 14:44:36
The type moon. Look it up. This has happened before and will continue . Our existence is based on events like these .
#11eekAnswered at 2013-03-03 17:00:12
Its so sad this is happening = (
#12ishmamAnswered at 2013-03-31 05:44:00
#13ShamAnswered at 2013-04-12 15:33:57
I 'll get back to you in 2013 and let you know ... stay tuned ...
#14baybee ccAnswered at 2013-04-16 09:23:06
I 've answered this question in two different questions, so instead of repeating everything I post the links for you : Sorry, but it's getting tiring having to rewrite everything, cutting and pasting is a pain in the night mikta ( Y! A keeps crashing ) . To better explain , however - depends on what you believe . I believe that the Earth will survive for several more years at least. My reasoning is that the Rapture has not happened yet , and after it happens , we will have seven years of problems , and 1000 years under the rule of Jesus here on Earth . So my answer is that the Earth will be around for at least another 1007 years . But , I have all the scientific material on those links, so if you want a scientific explanation unlike a Christian explanation , the links will give you what you 're looking for. One is science , the other is a mix between science and God . Enjoy .
#16howaniaAnswered at 2013-05-29 20:39:47
Only 3 since 2010? 6 major quakes 7.0 - 7.9 have been recorded so far in 2011 - there were 17 Major 7.0 - 7.9 earthquakes recorded in 2009. Quakes of various magnitudes happen everyday. Japan itself has around 100 tremors of varying magnitudes a year.…

Nature is what's "going on" and we puny humans are largely defenseless against it.
#17AnonymousAnswered at 2013-06-02 21:38:16
normal stuff but your wrong
the earth has hundreds of earth quakes some times they effect settled areas
nothing different
#18normanAnswered at 2013-07-15 16:48:48
Earth is 4.54 billion years old...and your worried about 2012?
#19The a1-,? -Answered at 2013-08-10 13:59:07
King James Bible
And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.
This scripture puts the blame for earthquakes squarely upon the earth puking because it is defiled.

Somebody needs to go out and get a lot of Pepto Bismol.
#20YongAnswered at 2013-08-22 23:09:55
Only time will tell.
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