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QHow do you know how strong an earthquake is going to be?

How can you predict how strong it will be ?
How do you know how hard it will be ? ? ? ? ?

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#2SlarlettAnswered at 2013-02-18 15:17:12
A mistake is something that you can create an earthquake . A mistake is something that is not normal in the ground that can be found in many places . To measure the size of a future earthquake fault will close . The size of an earthquake depends on what kind and what size it is . There are three types of faults , the normal investment , and strike slip . Normal is where a piece of land is higher than the rest of the land and has an angle of a slash mark ( / ) . This fault slips down and make an earthquake. A failure of investment is the same thing , except with a backward slash as the slope ( \ ) . Strike -slip is two parallel pieces of land that pass the same height of the other and get to create an earthquake . They can not get the exact magnitude of an earthquake , but you can get an estimate . Unfortunately , this is very difficult to speak in words . Pictures are much better and it has been a while since I've studied earthquakes ,
#3Rashed AlhajriAnswered at 2013-09-23 09:48:42
Normally, you can only do a ball park estimate and this is based on previous earth quakes from the same fault and the time between them. If a fault site has generated a 5.2 earthquake every 6 years for the past 18, then it might be a reasonable prediction that another would occur 6 years after the last. If there is a pattern where longer intervals produced stronger earthquakes (a common situation), so the reported quakes are something like 6.2, 5 years 5.2, 7 years 6.2, 6 years 5.8, then it would reasonable to predict a 5.2 5 years after the last quake, 5.8 6 years after, and 6.2 7 years after and if 8 or more years have passed without an earthquake then worry about very strong earthquake is in order.
If there have been few recorded earthquakes on the fault and those at irregular intervals, then forcasting strength is not possible.
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How do you know how strong an earthquake is going to be?

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