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The Return of Jesus Christ-What are the signs you have been watching out for that tells you the end is near? related questions

  • 1The Return of Jesus Christ-What are the signs you have been watching out for that tells you the end is near?

    What are the signs you have been watching and waiting for you to say that Christ will return to Earth , you can see the news and more signs as the earth quake . This question was posted on 24/04/08

  • 2Jesus Christ-How many signs has the world seen so far that are signs that Jesus said would mark the end times?

    Just watch the news and hear of earthquakes and other strange things that happen , I wonder how many signs we have seen and when will we see the last sign and what will happen after we have seen the last sign ?

  • 3Do the signs of the time indicate the soon return of Jesus?

    Are the signs of the times indicate the soon return of Jesus ?

  • 4Have you considered that Jesus gave us signs in regards to his return if we just take the time to look up!?

    And , you see? Do you think all this Severe Weather increase of earthquakes is manmade global warming ? in fact, this is the current seismic activity ... Scientists have discovered massive slow motion

  • 5Who agrees that we are seeing more signs Jesus Christ said will remind us all of his second coming to earth?

    I think this time the U.S. foreign has been seeing is a sign, and it is very cold in April and is now everywhere out side, I was watching the news this morning and I heard a powerful earthquake , which killed tons of people and the death toll is rising.

  • 6If Muslims believe Jesus Christ is a great prophet do they also believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus?

    Many people who responded to my previous question I asked to provide additional information , so I'll say again the question with a link at the bottom of reference. * When Jesus died on the cross , it is said that the earth opened up and all the dead who died while he was alive, risen from the dead and walked among the living for three days in the sight of all who were taking to the sky . So why has followers 2000 years later. The Bible also calls the second coming of Jesus accompanied by the second resurrection . Is it a common belief and if not why not ? *

  • 7Who heard about the Illinois earth quake &do you think it is one of the signs Jesus said would come upon the?

    and one of the many signs that warned that many seek , felt nothing and I did not even know that the earthquake had happened until I heard the news , I'm getting scared because I live in Chicago and is 2:34 a.m. here now and I keep getting the feeling that at any moment we could get another earthquake at any time?

  • 8What will be the last sign that we will have to look for that is the last sign before the return of Jesus?

    When will we see the last sign is the last sign before the return of Jesus Christ to this earth , I thought I could come at any time and at any time , why do we have to see all these signs before it arrives , I'm so tired of await the return of Christ , I want answers to all the questions I have for him that I know he can only answer , my father watched the news and heard after a couple of weeks ago that there is war in Jerusalem could not believe the things we taught people fighting and violence and endless wars and feel the thousand years are almost done before Jesus Satan will be released , I do not understand why it has to be released , Satan will only to fight Jesus , Jesus would tell him I do not care who is right or wrong , I do not really want to fight anymore , someone can provide me more information ?

  • 9Those who have seen Gods Listed Signs, pat robertson has again received meteors as Signs?

    In the web of Lords in http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringminist ... < / A> of the prophecy and the signs page are listed signs that have been and are , as many of you know the Japanese earthquake and the Suns flares / riots have previously been posted on the website of Lords as meeting now hail storms and meteors registration on Pat Robertson now exploiting 700 company / Virginia Beach Virginia ... prepare the ground too new earthquake and crush and drown many of the enemies of the gods and ours , and look for signs listed in the web site pages collection gods ... has begun ... Read all of the site 's contact page and email address for the site is sending you to receive evidence or evidence , and to declare their vigil and gathering ...

  • 10Is anyone watching Zheng vs. Vives?

    These Chinese are so amazing . Are backups Zheng big! I bet you love her long after she donated a large portion of his Wimbledon prize money to help with the earthquake . I want to win here , but I'm nowhere close to being Chinese. Zheng GO !

  • 11Did anyone feel rather silly after watching the tsunami in Hawaii?

    I saw the tsunami with my grandmother . So we sit in the water as an observation time , waiting for a big wave to come crashing on the island of Hawaii ! Then, like an ocean wave 2 feet come into the shore . So we feel pretty stupid because we were expecting something amazing . But we're glad no one was hurt . We were watching the news live . Boy , the news that makes sounds serious . Like something horrible / amazing will happen .

  • 12What tells you an earthquake is comming?

    which speaks of an earthquake , or if your comming or not. wat is called ?