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QWhat will be the last sign that we will have to look for that is the last sign before the return of Jesus?

When will we see the last sign is the last sign before the return of Jesus Christ to this earth , I thought I could come at any time and at any time , why do we have to see all these signs before it arrives , I'm so tired of await the return of Christ , I want answers to all the questions I have for him that I know he can only answer , my father watched the news and heard after a couple of weeks ago that there is war in Jerusalem could not believe the things we taught people fighting and violence and endless wars and feel the thousand years are almost done before Jesus Satan will be released , I do not understand why it has to be released , Satan will only to fight Jesus , Jesus would tell him I do not care who is right or wrong , I do not really want to fight anymore ,

someone can provide me more information ?

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#1jacob thornAnswered at 2013-05-28 07:48:02
The seven years of the tribulation must happen before Jesus returns. The fulfilled and unfulfilled signs are below.

Signs of the End Times
1. Talmud, Avodah Zarah 9A, states that this world will exist for less then 6,000 years after Adam's creation; therefore, before 2240 AD the world will end.

2. Matthew 24:14 says the word of God will be preached to the whole world. Only in the 1850's was the Gospel preached throughout the world.

3. The death of two witnesses must be able to be seen by everyone in the world (Rev. 11:9-10). The invention of TV was in the 1930's and therefore the earliest this could happen was around 1990's when the whole world had TVs including Africa.

4. Some say there must be a world government before the end-times. In 1945 the creation of one world government, United Nations (10-24-45).

5. The Jews must be a nation before the end-times can begin. In 1948 Jews were given their own state by United Nations (05-14-48).

6. The Bible says there will be a great increase of godlessness in the world (I Timothy 4:1-3). Since 1960's the godlessness of the last days has occurred. In Europe today only 50% believe there is any god.

7. The Bible says the Israelites must control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In 1967 Israel took control of the Temple Mount in war (06-07-67).

8. In January 1983 the Temple Mount Foundation Fund was established to rebuild the Temple (Revelation 11:2).

9. In 1984 the Ethiopian Jews returned to the Promised Land required by Zeph. 3:10-11.

10. In 1992 the New Roman Empire, European Union, was created (02-07-92) as spoken of by Daniel in Daniel 2:32-33.

11. In May 1997 the first Red Heifer was born in 2000 years (05-30-97) required by Numbers 19:2-7. Another Red Heifer was born in Israel in March of 2002.

12. In 2004 the Sanhedrin was reconstituted in Israel (10-13-04) as required by Jewish Law, per Moses Maimonides in his writings, to santify the Temple.

13. Saint Malachy prophesized in 1139 AD the second to last pope would be Pope Benedict XVI, Ratzinger was elected in 2005. The Pope is currently 80 and has he said his reign would be short. The last pope will be called Peter the Roman.

14. The Bible says there will be an increase in earthquakes (Matthew 24:7). Per the USGS the number of earthquakes greater than 5.5 were, as follows:
1800 to 1900 = 258 quakes in 100 years >= 2.6/yr.
1994 to 2000 = 197 quakes in 7 years >= 28.1/yr
2000 to 2006 = 237 quakes in 7 years >= 33.9/yr

15. And the Mayan Calendar ends on 12-21-12.

1. The Jerusalem Temple will need to be rebuilt (Isaiah 2:2). Yes in may be by angels (Daniel 9:27) soon (Micah 4:1-4).

2. The arrival of the two witnesses (Rev. 11:1) and the antichrist (Beast from the sea) and the false prophet.

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What will be the last sign that we will have to look for that is the last sign before the return of Jesus?

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