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QSexual Addict: People I need your opinion on these Q…please help ?

Hello there !

I need your help with the questions I have in " sex addict " .

Well , here are my questions :

1) How do you detect if a person is a sex addict or not.

2) If a person tends to seek sexual pleasures when stressed or having an issue / problem at hand. Could this person be labeled / categorized as a sex addict ?

3) Having sex every day, without fail. At times , three times a day. Could it be that the person is a sex addict ?

4) Being a game helps to be sexually addicted ?

5) If a person has been enjoying / having sexual activity , out of nowhere , lost interest in sex . This does not include any physical details , including masturbation . Is there any logical explanation for this?

Please help ... Your comment ( s ) / response ( s ) are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance .

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#1RickAnswered at 2012-11-29 19:23:25
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#2misaAnswered at 2013-01-14 11:37:08
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#3LEXIAnswered at 2013-08-27 21:48:13
I try to answer your question one at a time.

1. How to detect whether a peson's a sexual addict? NOT POSSIBLE to detect such behaviour on just mere glance or looking at the person. The only possibility if you live with the person personally and inspect his laptop and other things inside the house, there you will notice some things such as pictures/video of sexual materials.

2. Could this person be labeled as sexual addict if the person tend to look for sexual pleasures whenever there are stress issue on his life? NOPE not necessarily it is a label for a guy or person if he look for sexual pleasure whenever he is dealing with problems to divert his attention to the problem and seek sexual pleasure. This is just normal during the Roman Empire, most Romans indulges on sex orgies, but some of them are not even sex addicts just for pleasure to relieve them from the tension of work load.

3. Having sex one or even 3x a day could be considered sex addict? I suppose in normal terms yes, but as a person myself who are sexually active during my younger years, I indulge on 3x or even 5x on sex but only with one partner not multiple I considered myself sexual active NOT ADDICT. I can live without sex for 3 years, so where is addiction there? It is only up to me to control my urge if necessary, and if I have no partner who would you think I will have sex with, nobody.

4. Does the fact being play contributes to be sexually addicted? NO I disagree on these subject, it shouldn't be considered to be addiction per se.

5. If a person who enjoyed/having active sex life then suddenly losses interest in sex, this include no physical touch or masturbation. Is there any logical explanation on this? OF COURSE there is. Everything under the sun have logical explanation. Why the sun keeps on shining, why the sea never reach the shore in any given time unless there is a storm coming..etc. A person looses interest on sex because of so many factor like diseases like heart stroke when half of the body paralyze, would you think he got time to think about sex when he couldn't walk or talk anymore? If the person is suffering from diabetes. If the person had met an accident they have to amputate all of his legs. If the person love ones died of a tragic accident like fire or earth quake or those who died at 9/11 would you think he got more time to think about sex? It is some kind of emotional trauma a person is under going that is why after having a sexual life suddenly he became so quiet and avoid the subject. It takes time to recuperate from these kind of dilemma.
#4JiyaAnswered at 2013-12-22 13:29:06
1) you can't
2) s/he can/ or can't be catagorized. ( remember we make the rules so check with the people in the community you live in )
3) the same thing ( check with the people in the community you live in because different region follows different rules like you know video codec or religion. I know its that obvious )
4) hmm... obvious enough.. no need to go over.
5) Yes it is because s/he has been discouraged to do so that why.
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Sexual Addict: People I need your opinion on these Q…please help ?

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