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How does the problems in Japan impact the United states? related questions

  • 1How does the problems in Japan impact the United states?

    The earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 created the 23- feet tsunami destruction in their wake . What are the problems in Japan affecting the U.S. ?

  • 2Are there any states in United States with no natural disasters? (tornadoes, earth quakes)?


  • 3Earthquakes in the United States?

    Are there any states in the United States who have not had an earthquake ?

  • 4Where will the next earthquake be in the United States?

    Here's a toughie , I know where the next earthquake will be 6.0 or greater in the United States.

  • 5Why is the united states helping so much?

    Here are sending money that we have to help these countries after earthquakes . What about the people here who need the help of money and food . All our home ! One thing is to help another country , but we do before helping our own in this country .

  • 6What are the aquatic biomes of the United States?

    I'm doing a project for Adv . Biology major biomes , both terrestrial and aquatic , and Google (the first time ) is to be of any help . I know the 6 terrestrial biomes , but what other U.S. makes aquatic biomes estuaries also have ? HELP ! Is due soon.

  • 7What would be the best place to live in the united states?

    I'm looking for a place that the weather is nice most of the time actual.Al say well I mean hot breeze fresh rain without snow . No problems as earthquakes , tornadoes , and Hurricans such. Murder rate has to be low . Good entertainment for children , such as theme parks and more. Maybe the real ocean nearby. I worked in a casino and I do not mind doing that again . A place where it is easy to find work that pays $ 10 or more .

  • 8Why do prophcies revolve around the united states?

    hello I wanted to kno why prophecy revolve around the U.S. I mean you know where the country's top bt geeze ....... and why people actually predict major events millions of lives lost as the 2012 tsunami in California in September 2010 bt nobody predicted the earthquake in China Hurricane Katrina and Haiti , the Gulf oil spill Be Hati earthquake ground oil economy SPIL Falin bt bad things have happened long ago Napoleons take over the great depression hitler i dnt know a lot of 20 BC and all bt u get my point and earth quake in 2010 genuine quality and where it says in the Bible

  • 9Where in the United States are there no Natural Disasters?

    I'm in the LA area , I want to make this area of ​​Los Angeles . We just had another earthquake . I want to start shopping around for a better place to live . I want to live somewhere completely free of earthquakes ,

  • 10I need to know Guam Island - United States?

    How I can go for 10 days Guam Island , what visa , an airline can go without visa. I heard from embassy can go there in two weeks without special visa with the airline (3 airline ) , but I do not know. please help me. What of the beach area and cheap .

  • 11I want to know what it is like living in the United States of America?

    Hello I am from the UK and when I grow up I hope to move to the U.S. , I want to know what is a typical week in the U.S. is as I am and as I am only 15 would mean im only in high school. please reply and I will be happy

  • 12How long will a tsunami from aftrica take to get to the united states?

    An island off the west coast of Africa has decided to erupt and possibly eliminate much of the land in the Atlantic Ocean . This will cause a tsunami and I want to know how long it will take to travel to the U.S. . Perhaps only the average speed of the tsunami .