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  • Can you tell me if this poem is good &rate it?

    I put this as an answer to another question , so ... Moonlight Silver light shines in the night silently , Throwing a white blaze on the sea. A high tide rolls over their plight Under a sapphire sheath . Reflections of a glass full moon , Ripples break brittle stars , Waves of impending death Breaking into a tremendous roar . The ocean crashes down on the sand In the serene night of deception . A sword treacherous dives on earth Becoming an icy slush . Finally thunderous storm leaves in the breeze , And the moonlight beacon of hope and light Begins to fade in calm seas . All that remains now is the starry night .

  • Poem that i can write so much crap on? Has lots of metaphors, nd can be interpreted in lots of different ways?

    Need a poem where I can write about all the different meanings it can have. Any suggestions ?

  • Can Anyone Help Me With A Rubai Poem?

    I can not think of a poem Rubai writing for my language class on the comparison of life to natural phenomena . Any help ?

  • Is this poem actually good?

    Blue Moon , Blue Moon , where are you ? Beneath the stars to wait , For you blue moon to reveal my destiny . Let the earth quake beneath me , for your light that awakens my soul . His light shines everywhere , And I have no doubt what you whisper to me is true. Fate always goes ahead . ---- SCM

  • Will you critique my poem?

    Deep in the earth there are lots of bones mixed . A race of people were thrown into a shallow ditch mass . Centuries of wind and rain , and the earth shook buried deeper the secrets of these beings now known only by the Reaper . Amid scattered bones are conduits and cables. There are traces of radioactive elements , the liars will tell you that this is a hoax , but those with discerning declare that revenge is about t be returned . And so the bones shout to the four winds and gales arise . Birds are dying spiral flight, falling from the sky , lightening bolts locking spiritual anger and ancient redwood fell , much bigger than a man , but not feasible for holiness . The forest burns and is rebuilt , the man has made up charges . Clones which decreed natural evolution likewise predestined.

  • Can you please help me edit this poem?

    You see I am working on a book of poetry I'm doing in honor of my father I ever had. I do not want to retype it, just help me to correct and help me make it flow better. I edit as best I could and with me being ADHD, it is difficult for me to focus. So can you please help me? But you Ol 'Broken Clock Will tomorrow Whether it's sadness, With? Ira, famine and floods But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, Echo crying, the child in the future. Begged the world flutter endless With his tongue uttered living words, But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, Cadence, the babe wept. Rarely wet times wrought Bloodshed Natures filled. Ye O 'heartbroken World scold as time went, Down the River Styx. But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, In spite lonely orphan. The silence imposed on the lips of relatives, Betrayal sought worldly sin. Day to end up like time stopped, The laughter of a child left to kill. But ye old broken clock, Nor tick tock, No cure for a bad boy. Model of the world wars inside, Lost all just a sin. The broken clock, Once marked, tac, Frozen in a single time. The long and the short is in the midnight hour, Darkness surrounds the land devour. Place the pain, the child or tears', Swept soon seduced land. But ye old broken clock, Silent Sound, or tick or tock. Quake camps USDA Agricultural Research bloodshed stain. The world erupting in the dark yet, A sick child sick timely manner. Understanding wars alike Blood-soaked earth dam Tear of a child to clean the sea, The child may be sought curse. O Ye broken clock ', Counting down tick and tock, Eradication of worldly existence. Always on time darkness stopped, Vence with them the daily slaughter, A laughing boy ending first, When the light fades, ends all time.

  • Some feedback on a Poem?

    Our world In this world we live in today In the time it takes to blink an eye A part of the world stops spinning The destruction , devastation and death Although you may not personally see there When disaster strikes, we should all be there As a group , by mutual agreement, a village We need help when the earth quakes or floodwaters rise Do not forget what he has to he will not be there forever Life is not forever I pray not that you care , but when there is a disaster Life is in a dingy You are the difference for some of these people And this is our world as it is today Help is always at a price, its not as welcome as always This is our world , our people and our lives

  • Would you call this a poem? And what do you think of it? Do you think its good?

    His blood is heavy with virtue As the sickle is at your back Scrape and tearing his flesh Infectious diseases are now putting in His dying screams are like injections of adrenaline Cold, spasms and erection private I inject a poison that I prepared to perfection I bite into his neck The blood spilled in my mouth, down my throat A taste like no other This is my obsession The depth of his blood almost as strong as his cry from She begs to stop But this is what I need The shadows What is left infesting your beauty They bring me delight I cut my hand Shadows running inside my wound Red blood turns black and sand all the time is Thunder is shaking I can hear God's wrath The sands of time drain This makes the earth quake His pulse and starts to levitate off Oh , father What have I done ? Surely you are not going to punish me for getting the sweet taste on my tongue His eyes were wide and hisses like a snake My fate is sealed ...

  • What does this poem mean?

    beauty Never was and never be confronted So sweet to Seyd only grace What he did not sleep like a rock , But loomed bright and went . Beauty chased everywhere In flame , in storm clouds in the air . He smote the lake to feed his eye With the beryl beam of the broken wave ; Threw stones well to listen At the time of the music that was given . Oft peeled for him a high pitch From nodding pole and belting zone. He heard a voice only he could hear Centering and wandering the area . The earth trembled trembled in rhyme , Seas ebbed and flowed in epic chime. In the houses of passion , pain and wells , He saw strong Eros struggling through , For the sun dark and solve the curse , And beam to the bounds of the universe . Meanwhile, the love he gave his days In loyal worship , scorning praise, How spread their lures for him in vain Paltering Thieving Ambition and Profit ! Happy to be thought dead , To die for Beauty , than live for bread . Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Any comments on The Star-Splitter by robert frost?

    I need a good focus statement . or a good explanation of the poem is not so clear to me .. thanks Here's the poem : You know Orion always comes up sideways. Throwing a leg over our fence of mountains , And rising on his hands , he looks upon me Outdoor lanterns light occupied with something I should have done in daylight , and in fact, After the ground is frozen , it should have done Before it froze , and a gust throws a handful Of waste leaves at my smoky fireplace flashlight To make fun of my way of doing things, It caught me Orion fun . Is there a man , I would ask , royalty These forces are obliged to pay their respects to ?

  • Continue,Can you help me to fill in 2 more lines in my science poety?

    This is a poem that my partner and I are working on the science that explains about plate tectonics , continental drift , seafloor spreading and etc. but all you need is two lines of the poem that is a

  • After rattling nerves, do these people sleep?

    . I'm not all that fandom earthquakes , but I found this to 06 a.m. Article LiveScience poetry ... not. Or is it? Mother Earth continues to surprise so heartbreaking ... births , deaths . Wait ... Where is this ' unsubscribe' thingy ? That wall that is hitting our sidecar India is the Eurasian plate . The colossal collision has produced some impressive side effects : the Himalayas , the highest mountains on Earth . Australia is able to continue its march unhindered largely because part of the plate dives beneath another tectonic plate - . A process that produces the type of earthquake that struck in 2004 ------------------------------------- Let mulberry alone. We will find a way around ourselves. That's it. .

  • What do you think of this poem?

    I wrote this poem today please tell me what you think of it . When the sea calls you in your sleep . listen His blood runs like the oceans tide , never stopping , always flowing . It's a sound so old ... Even the whales do not remember. But it's good , but it is perfectly . Only the sea knows the way out ; The rest of us are like cardboard cutouts . Push with your finger and fall . You will see that they are hollow ; vacuum . Only the ocean has meaning for you now . Be understood ; This will relieve the pain . Walk to the sea, never leave . and there will be nothing .

  • What is the purpose of this poem? ?

    The great power of nature is beyond human control And when Mother Nature gets angry human lives toll The tsunami and earthquake in South Asia left thousands of people dead This latest disaster both written and spoken . When thousands of people die so how can you count the cost And the families who lost relatives afflict The wrath of mother nature that is beyond all guilt For the thousands of deaths because she feels no shame . Death and life are natural in nature all things in life must have an end And we ought to respect it because it is our greatest friend Growing food in living the life she gives and she takes And in a fit of anger that can cause much distress . umm ... this poem actually goes much more .... but here are a few lines as an example . Mainly we talk about the wrath of Mother Nature . What is the purpose or theme or message is trying to give this poem ? Sq , it is

  • Go to sleep little Josh (Critique please :D )?

    I wake up laying here all My dog is snoring like a small earth quake I'm lying here in the dark My dog is unconscious and not bark My mind is racing and refuses to rest I can feel my heart beating puppy to my chest She started running in his sleep Their fate , their dreams are bleak I feel like sleeping, but I can not I wonder what it's like to be an ant ... ? Oh my God, shut up brain! You're not helping you sleep ! You're driving me crazy ! I roll over and fall in lalaland I wonder if sleep would be easier if my bed was made of sand? I doubt it would be anything but itchy Scratch that ... had just plain nasty . It's dark here , I miss my night light I hear the rain on my window , I'm glad I'm under the covers and out of sight . I keep cracking my knuckles , a nervous habit is certainly not I wonder how people live when their countries have a drought ... What's it like in Iraq ? I will ask my teacher tomorrow She probably will say that it is full of horror and pain . I miss my blanket , why Mom put it in the washing machine ? I asked him before and has a " Good night little Josh "

  • There is a poem with a line in it that says "the ocean knows" What is the name and who is the author?

    There is a poem with a line in it that says

  • Very, very amateur poet. Please help me with any criticisms in my two poems.?

    Harvest Moon Dog Day You were my sons, my daughters, my sisters, my mother. The lack of water has left me with an absence of love. My father told me there'd comforting others, But my heart trembles at the hidden land. A dark night could hold more, I walked behind the garage and cast my claws Inside the dry river of Hades, stronger, stronger! After an eternity he had found the treasure of the Dead Sea, And I carefully unwove her funeral dress and found A pure joy to my heart, a breath:. The pearl of my life Love was back in my being and soul, His breaths wet kiss away the darkness in my heart, And despite the promise of God of death is what he stole, My senses were intact, and I knew I would never be separated. Suddenly, the promise was withdrawn, and I felt the cold breath of reality, that through me, swept. My senses completely restored the nocturnal utopia, I looked out the opening of my home and cried. Adjust, oh please adjust August 5, When my tattered body and mind gave way To realities of life-threatening and violent burst. My IRE Egg Briggs'll call you, because I do not know his name, Nor do I want to learn. You and your partner Shipped to question a former murderer Whose face is obscured by the flame. Her skin as dark as the sky tonight melancholy, You stare into the eyes of your partner, looking for his humanity. The murderer keeps his secrets from him, Despite being so close as his groin. Your partner is lost in the chambers of his heart as Fate leads him into madness. Exploring the cavernous violations strength murderer, You examine her sad eyes and your safe guesses. Soft and cautious in conversation, the murderer Try your partner's patience. In the panic, I have, Briggs, and as a doctor The murderer smile makes my throat. I suddenly vanish into the darkness of his skin And reveal the red sea of ​​life. I do not know his real name, Briggs, But the experience was definitely worth it.

  • Posted this poem already posted this.. Wanted more feedback?

    Fist clinch Laying in bed Uncontrolled shaking like an earthquake shakes a house With her face in the pillow as fluffy as a cloud Why not let anyone here their screams agoning With the increasing pain One wonders are the only one like this Are you crazy Shaking growing Pain decreases with advancing shock For going numb You can not feel anything at all His celebration of his car so hard now With your hands chlinchg white cube, covered with skin scared Leaving strange red pink spots that you need to hide the next day As tighter Vasquez suffacating his limbs cercalation cut the red Brands use color storm cloud But it's better then add another scar Their limbs are trapped by their handmade cage As if you are your own prison Wrap your self behind a black wall You are a danger to himself Making your bairer harder The color marks dusty red dots For blood vessels appeared From the pressure of his own strength Its very hard trying To avoid another scar apearing But you can not take You close your eyes and welcome the darkness clinch his fist after making their vains boldge With his sword in his hand Sullen newly added what cuts should be eight new With blood gushes like a party sprinkaler Now you want her dead To feel like a zombie As he fell into a deep sleep A new day comes with the sun shining bright But you stay so dark as hell You still have to live this nightmare So put a smile on And see alive Pretending nothing happened For nobody would understand

  • A poem on "resources"?

    A poem about