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  • Why are Europeans so stingy?

    I know you are not as good as us, but Americans can donate over cyclone and earth quake victims .

  • Any such wonders!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I was thinking about any such wonders existed .......... Monday's earthquake in China land surprised me if the instruments have been invented to detect earthquakes before they happen if ........... was invented so why not man thinks in implementing ... . to save thousands of lives ...... but I've heard of a tool that detects tsunami before it would happen .... ask an earthquake such things ever invented? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Why do people think the Earth is actually going to end?

    There are many views that say no and I do not see why people are just going to scare themselves for something as retarded. Religious point of view : I'm sure something has been said about the end of the world in 2012 by at least one of nine benefits of God . Science : The earthquake in Japan is what people say

  • How coincidental is it that I talked about a tsunami before it hit Japan?

    I asked my friend what you would do if a tsunami is coming to you .... This was a day before he arrived . Now I feel bad

  • So you think our world will live to at least 2020 (Serious question) ...?

    I only know a fraction of the economy , what happens in Iraq , Libya , Russia , and elsewhere , so I'm not saying we're all going to die soon . There has been famine in the scale earthquakes , and things seem to be getting worse , and I think we have not seen the worst , or maybe we'll be fine ... His ideas about what might happen

  • WHY NOT The Holy Quran (the book of guidance)IS best book of the world?

    WHY NOT The Holy Quran ( the book of guidance ) is the best book in the world ?

  • Wow many people were died in japan u know?

    Wow many people died in japan u know ?

  • The end of the world... Why 2012? And why should I be concerned?

    K so that the world will end in 2012 . Well, according to some people is ... The thing is that there have been many other times when it was not the end of the world , but nothing happened . Nada , zip , zilch ! People in those days were so illiterate that almost fell at all the "prophets " fed to them . ... How is it different today ? Whenever there is a title " The end of the world next year ! New discovery proves it" , it is always a " new discovery " that predicts a major event ; ! Which was published after the event is over. Why not publish these predictions never before these big events ? And somehow always find a way to link some of the most random , totally unrelated information and how to fit into a pattern. 20,394 at some randomly picked oranges probably nonexistent farm , 983,782 car accidents in the world today - 2131 porn movies I downloaded today , ÷ 32 ( a random number Juro is somehow related to the end of the world ) = 31,313 . That is an odd number so that clearly means that the world will end in 2012! I guess it does not help that the sources of the media are pushing

  • Why are so many people flipping out about the world possibly ending in 2011 or 2012?

    Why so many people are flipping out over the world possibly ending in 2011 or 2012 ?

  • Did anyone feel rather silly after watching the tsunami in Hawaii?

    I saw the tsunami with my grandmother . So we sit in the water as an observation time , waiting for a big wave to come crashing on the island of Hawaii ! Then, like an ocean wave 2 feet come into the shore . So we feel pretty stupid because we were expecting something amazing . But we're glad no one was hurt . We were watching the news live . Boy , the news that makes sounds serious . Like something horrible / amazing will happen .

  • What is your take on this Chinese Proverb? (Read Details)?

  • The war....?

    So ... you may of heard of the war between syrbia and as half of the country .. I do not know much about it, but im near someone and thinking syrbia were . What if it was nuclear . The Russians involved ( as planned ) and join with French and Chinese ... against us , Italy and Cuba , and sybia / persia . states it is ! states do not want to be away from their countries .. agay guy if you ask me. What if the world at risk and gave up all countries and states were . could be as postcodes . lol . like that will never happen What is your oppinion ? i wanna know and why is it that all the people of Persia and syrbia and Spain are soooo cute? ! geeze just wondering lol

  • Spain, Mexico, or The Dominican republic?

    I plan on studying abroad in the near future and was wondering which of these three countries that think they 'd learn more about the Spanish language and Hispanic culture / Spanish ? I've always wanted to travel to Spain , but I have serious feel completely broke would live there! I think maybe the Dominican Republic would be better because it is more affordable , and I think I would feel more comfortable living with people who are more like me! (im black ) lol ! Tell me what you think?

  • Do you think alot of money raised for the earth quake in Haiti will be stolen or misused?

    Iv seen a lot of great but never say where the money goes . I hope your people , but I do not trust much of Charity , after 911 .

  • Do you think the geography of the area someone grew up in has a dramatic effect on their personality?

    I was considering the best way to word the question .... I'm asking more about the physical geography of an area that has an effect on people more than the culture that inhabits .... How do you think the vast empty desert of North Dakota affect someone so opposed to urban city life of any city in the United States? You think the stereotypes are true ? For example , rural life that inspires attitudes fainter and urban life generates more reactionary attitudes .

  • Could I just get in boat and sail the ocean?

    Are there laws to worry about international waters ? How I can be sure? How long does it take to go from, say , New York to the UK in my rowboat ?

  • Am an experienced all round social worker. I want to work with a foriegn NGO in Pakistan. Pl Help me.?

    I am a social worker with experience. In Zione earthquake in Pakistan, a foreign NGO I work for more and more experience . Can any body help me to make my contacts with them .

  • Why TIME Magazine claims "The recent earthquake in Sichuan of China was a reply from God to Chinese"?!

    I recently heard that some Westerners (especially Americans ) believe that the recent earthquacke grievious in China has been a

  • Pakistan is a wonderful country.In west there has developed a dislike for Pakistan.Iwant to know why?

    There comes a time in history in a certain place or people is strongly disliked.In Pakitan for a number of dogmas and hidden predujices painting a negative picture of land.I to think that all these myths and dogmas is fought if the exchanged views .

  • Christins what do you say to people?

    when someone asks why God allows Quat thousens mortal earth to kill people or flood. Tornado or any natural disaster , how you like christin explain this to people who do not understand