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  • Please rate my pokemon diamond wifi team?

    These are in no particular order and all are lvl 100 And I will not say the elements in case anyone wants to battle Salamence : dragon claw stone edge earthquake flamethrower Tyranitar : dark pulse earth earthquake stone edge brick break Gengar : shadow ball Sludge pump focus blast psychic Metagross : earth earthquake meteor mask psychic polished stone Milotic : navigate Ice beam aqua ring toxic ( I only use this in double battles ) Pidgeot : featherdance tailwind arial ace swirling wind Electrivire : ray earthquake Cross Chop shadow ball Price from 10.01 if you want to fight name kyle fc 3351 3739 4211 THX

  • Rate my pokemon diamond team.?

    If you can please say how good or bad my team is and how I can improve it . There are levels around lvl 90 , but that dosnt really matter. Weavil Ice Punch Brick break Ariel Ace Night Strike (whatever his name ) Infernerape Grass knot flamethrower bombing Flare melee Electrivire Brick break Earth quake Thunder punch Thunder wave Garchomp earthquake Dragon claw Draco Meteor Swords Dance blissy Seismic Toss Toxic Stealth Rock Softboiled Milotic Ice beam Surf Hydro pump recovering If there's a movement that wants to teach any of them that is not a tm please tell me how you get it, otherwise ill get lost in your suggestion .

  • How do i beat elite four for pokemon diamond and how do i levelup fast wthout cheats or rare candies?

    can someone please help me? My current pokemon elite four is Torterra lvl 65 knows strength, rock breaking , rock climbing and cut so I can not change any of their movements with sadness . Magmortar lvl 50 knows flamethrower , physchic , hyper beam , solar beam . Floatzel lvl 40 knows Aqua Jet , crunch, surf , and waterfall. Electivire lvl 50 ThunderPunch knows ice punch, cross chop and earthquake. Steelix lvl 46 dragon breath knows , Iron Tail , crunch and dark pulse and dialga lvl 52 knows metal claw, AncientPower , dragon claw and roar of time Also can anyone tell me a quick way to level up my pokemon wityhout sweet rare birds or traps or without fighting pokemon ( if you can , of course )

  • Does my pokemon party need improving?

    I have a Sceptile : . Earthquake frenzy plant , pass false, dragon claw , I have a Swampert : . hydro cannon , surf , cloudy water , double edged I have a Blaziken : . overheat , flamethrower , fire kick , double kick I have a arceus : . judgment , ice beam fly rockslide I have a Rotom : download , omnious wind, lightning , thunder . and I have a Toxicroak : . slurry pump , explosion Focus, Focus blow melee all are LV100 and am not sure if they are good or not.

  • Rate this pokemon team (i think its the best)?

    charizard flamthrower fly Fireblast Dragon pulse gengar shadowball hyper beam thunder dark pulse Salamence Fireblast dragon claw Fly giga impact Dusknoir punch fucus shadow punch ( never fails ) earth earthquake shadow ball Empoleon navigate hydraulic pump Ice beam Flash cannon venisure Solar beam petal dance sleeping powder grass knot

  • Rate my pokemon platinum team?

    Salamence moves dragon dance dragon earth earthquake stone edge clay gengar knows shado mud ball bomb explosion fucus substitude Garchomp Swords Dance Dragon Claw Earthquake substitude Ambipom turn deceive or double hit break brick Thunder Wave Seismic Toss Blissey softboiled (of course ) and Stealth Rock Skarmory beaks pecking drikk rest roar and indeed all of these Pokémon are ev trained and are holding items with good skills as Ambipom is too technical and has a life orb orb Skarmory life Garchomp has also got a Chesto berry berry Petaya Gengar Salamence focush guillotine leftovers Blissey course anyway if my pokemon are like marrilands except Ambipom but I mean im not like these pokemon use them cause i jsut uses Marriland feel there is good pace anyway plz rember this team and i ev trained all my Ambipom is pretty fast too speed = P


    please indicate what needs to change Empoleon waterfall navigate rock climb cut Giratina shadow force aura sphere fly defog Lucario aura sphere extreme speed me first melee Magnezone gyro ball download zap cannon plane mirror Torterra leaf storm earth earthquake giga drain force SIX MEMBERS NOT I really need a strong fire type for my six members thanks a lot

  • In golden sun 2 what level do u have 2 be in 2 defeat the dragon in gaia mountain also the best strategy?

    PLEASE ANSWER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...

  • Help With Pokemon Team Build?

    This team is for competitive play with my friends . Tyranitar (Level 70) Crunch earthquake Stone Edge blizzard Gengar ( Level 69 ) Hypnosis Shadow Ball dark pulse Dream Eater Ampharos ( Level 68 ) Signal Beam thunder download Rain Dance Dragonite ( Level 70 ) Dragon Dance Fly Aqua Tail outrage ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'm still undecided for my last two. Thinking about having a Charizard / Blaziken or Swampert / Feraligator or blastoise or a good water pokemon . Can you help me with my computer ? What changes should I make to the pokemon or their movesets ? For the latter two , choose a pair and tell me a good moveset for them . Thank you !

  • Is this a good team for pokemon platinum?

    So these are the movements

  • Please RATE my pokemon!!!!(not much of a team though i had a better team...)?

    1) lv 77 Empoleon Rock climbing Drill kiss Hydro cannon blizzard 2) Torterra lv 44 ( training ) cut Razor blade earth earthquake synthesis 3) Infernape lv 40 ( training ) Mach punch Flame wheel Fire explosion melee 4) Lv 26 Riolu ( training ) Fast Attack Rock Smash reversal Force Palm 5) Dewgong lv 53 Surf Dive Water fall Ice beam 6) Lv 56 Fearow Fly Defog Roost Drill kiss and that's all I'm looking for some friends ! Ty for ur rating !

  • Pokemon white registeel move set?

    I know I've asked a lot of questions , but which of these 2 games are better movement Zap Cannon gravity Charge beam Earth Power Zap cannon works well with gravity, which in turn works great with land power . Then do charge only helps to save energy boost. Or Zap Cannon Hone claws icy wind Drain punch Hone claws attack and increases accuracy to help zap cannon and drain punch ( good for getting health back ) , then I would have him cold wind , as it is well on the ground , you get two Pokemon in doubles and always low speed . This is for a kind of double battle , what do you think ? His special attack is 135 @ level 50 , so you can do some damage . If I could some movement in the game , would give , any movement in all games, including those who do not learn ?

  • What are the forces of nature? for example i have storms but i need more to go along with that/?

    I need this for an RPG im creating. I and some friends will each control a force of nature.

  • Witch move for gyarados?

    lv . 50 sweeper Dragon Dance Earth Quake Ice Fang Aqua Tail or Waterfall Aqua Tail : 90 power 90 according to . Waterfall : 80 power 90 acc . ( I dont need waterfall for hm only battlein ps ' ) I was thinking cuz rainfall is very fradial gyarados and they would need to hit , but do not know thx 10 points

  • What moves should i teach my sandslash in pokemon emerald?

    ok I have two open spaces and wonder what are two good moves I should teach my Sandslash ? im thinking earthquake and more ... any suggestions ?

  • Rate my new pokemon diamond team??

    I'm done with the pokemon league and this is my new team I'm still up to them though. = ) Name : Feraligatr Move Set: . Aqua Tail , Crunch , Dragon Claw , Superpower Capacity: Torrent Item: Focus Sash Lv . 56 Name : Umbreon (Shiny ) Move Set: . Psychic Shadow ball Dark Pulse , Iron Tail Ability : Synchronize Keep Article : Wide Lv . 55 Name : Typhlosion Move Set: . Lava Plume Earthquake, Shadow Claw , Focus Blast , Ability: Blaze Keep Article : Wide Lv . 54 Name : Miltank Move Set: . Earthquake, Zen Headbutt , Dizzy Punch , Brick Break Capacity: Scrappy Hold Item : Leftovers Lv . 53 Name : Blissey Move Set: . Psychic, Thunderbolt, Softboiled , Hyperbeam Ability : Serene Grace Keep Article : Wide Lv . 52 Name : Glaceon Move Set: . Ice Beam , Shadow Ball , Take Down , Water Pulse Ability : Snow Cloak Hold Item : Leftovers Lv . 52

  • Tips on beating Cynthia in Pokemon Platinum?

    My Pokemon are extremely low - level ... But I managed to go through the Elite Four and Cynthia just is . I have the following Pokemon . Empoleon [ lvl 53] - . Surf , Waterfall , Ice Beam , Drill Peck Giratina [ lvl 48] - . Ancient Power , Ominous Wind , Shadow Claw Dragon Force and Garchomp [ lvl 49] - Dig , Dragon Claw , Rock Climb and Crunch Staraptor [ lvl 46] - Combat , Aerial Ace , Fly and Endeavor Luxray [ lvl 48] - Charge Beam , Crunch , Spark and Thunder Fang Houndoom [ lvl 46] - Fire Blast , Fire Fang , Bite , Strength . As you can see , I'm pretty much stuck ... and need some advice .

  • IS this a good pokemon team? And suggestions please?

    Hitmonlee celebration claw swept 1 - Mega Kick 2- hi jump kick 3 support 4 reversal Nidoqueen celebration leftovers 1 - Thunder 2 blizard 3- earth to 4 - toxic Salamence quick celebration claw 1 - draco meteor 2- fire blast 3 - earth earthquake 4 - fly band holding focus Crsselia 1 - psychic 2 araura beam 3 - moonlight 4 - substitute Heatran holding razor fang 1 - magma storm 2 -solar beam 3- earth to 4 iron head Lapras WIDE 1 - mere cold 2- hydro pump 3 Thunder April blizzard

  • Anyone have an extra Lucky Egg/Pokemon with pokerus? Heart Gold Soul Silver?

    Hi I wonder if anyone would be willing to change my level 100 pokemon shit ( so I can win the game faster and start training EV ) , a pokemon with Pokerus active , and an egg extra luck ? thanks AUSTIN FC : 2192 9988 0204

  • Looking for some to battle,trade or go to the battle fronteir with in pokemon platinum?

    Name : Sean FC : 0989 7858 0502 See Wireless