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  • If you believe in the world end in 2012 ?

    I can only say yes or no explanation ok ?

  • What do you think will happen on 2012?

    everybody is talking about 2012 .... saying the world will end .... What are you think will happen ?

  • Who is Lucifuge Rofocale and what are people who believe in "him" considered ?

    I just met a very interesting person who seems to be really into this. Everything seems a little too esoteric and theosophical to my ways atheists . Someone care to explain what this is all about in detail?

  • Do you believe the world will end in 2012 or is it all BS?

    Just saw a television program about the ancient Maya and how to predict the end of the world 12/21/2012 . I have all worked .

  • Where can i find a complete story of the "lesser gods of the underwater"?

    Thank you guys ! ! !

  • What is the scariest thing to ever happen to you?

    I'm writing a story and need some ideas .

  • End of the world in 2012?

    What are the details about the end of the world in 2012 ? All I know is sumthing final Mayan calendar . plz reply They also say that if u think it will happen or not .

  • World ending in 2012?

    I think not ! They said the world ends in 2000 , and did? NO! God, why do you still believe that scientists after all his lies . perhaps thousands or millions of years after they all die (adult ) . then you might end but not now . stop believing that scientists and live their lives . 2012 is the end of a calender. NOT THE WORLD ! and

  • Any conspiracy theorist who can explain HAARP, earthquakes, geo-forming the earth?

    You do not have to explain how HAARP , say can cause great quakes.but what is the theory of why ? Why cause earthquakes and change the shape of the land mass of the continents .

  • Was Nostradamus Predictions True?

    If so - what did he predict ? ? ? ?

  • Does anyone believe in 2012?

    Happenin all earthquakes now and every movie aboout the end of the world are scaring me ... Does anyone really believe that will happen? How I can stop being paranoid

  • Dream about the galaxy falling apart?

    I dreamed a part of our galaxy collapsed , and survived to land, but the conditions of survival of the planets were scarce and no one knew what was going to happen. Any idea what this means ? thank you

  • Does anyone fully understand solstice 2012?Could you explain and what are your thoughts?

    Does anyone understand completely solstice 2012? Could you explain and what are your thoughts ?

  • STRING THEORY ? Read this latest theory which one of my muslim labourer told me.?

    Some moulavis valsaad Vapi and preach the Muslims flock there veins of the earth and bind with ropes and chains are those in the hands of

  • Is my house haunted???

    ok so I'll admit that I watch a lot of horror movies , and maybe that scares me . But I still think that at night ic blur around my room. I go out into the hallway , which is absolutely pitch black at night , so they are easier to c . the thing is that I'm not afraid . except for one time wen i got up in the middle of the night to the bathroom I heard go2 sumthing wen there and thought it was my brother . but he was asleep and so was my mom . It's kind of sounded like someone was trying to open and close the shower door . I was so scared that I slept with my mom that night .

  • Do you believe in the paranormal?

    Think you share the world with spirits ( not the drinking kind ) ?

  • Earthquake May 20th 2012?

    So some of you know about the doomsday talk and

  • Younger Dryas impact event (the Clovis Comet) captured in oral traditions of North America?

    Geologic evidence suggests that an extraterrestrial impact event caused a shift in global patterns of climate change some CACP 11-12 , where the Earth , as warmer and wetter , suddenly turned back to the climates and levels of Tues experienced thousands of years ago ( this period was named the Younger Dryas ) . Currents of thought posits that the comet geological settled near present Lake Michigan and went on to forge long elliptical depressions along the Atlantic coast of North America. This impact event , followed by the reversal of the weather, has been implicated in causing the extinction of North American megafauna and the Clovis culture from which it derives its name . This event would surely have preceded immediate and impressive cataclysms that threaten the livelihoods of human populations around the Great Lakes today . There are numerous examples of catastrophic natural phenomena inspiring folklore that are transmitted through the native population and that may seem bizarre and off easily nowadays (eg flood myth among others ) . Did the Clovis Comet also leave their mark on the oral traditions of the peoples of North America? Put another way , could some silly stories told by some Native American Great Lakes sky on fire , great earthquakes , and sunless days are the only major remaining source of this event ?

  • Origin myth help??????

    so for my English class I have to write a two page origin myth . an origin myth is telling how the Indians believed things were created , ie land , as bears walk on four legs ect . anyway I have to write my own so any idea what to write would apprecitate :)

  • What reasoning takes place in the younger folks that live &craft controlled by clocks rather than nature?

    Why ignore also the sun and the moon , most of the time ?