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  • How long will it take for stress to go?

    How long will it take for my strss go . I've been twitching the rest of my body like crazy and its relation to stress and anger Ive had contractions on and off for two weeks and it's because i havent got rid of my stress . When de- stress me how long it takes to get rid of all the symptoms of stress

  • An earthquake victim imagining that the earth is shaking?

    I wonder if there is a condition in which an earthquake victim imagines that the earth is shaking , even years after the earthquake ? If so , could you give details / sources / name ? thanks

  • Nervous about going to the coast tomorrow?

    I have 14 years and I go to the coast tomorrow , I'm very excited to go there except for the one I 'm going to have because of a tsunami ( tidal wave ) and has been making me very nervous . I'm not really concerned about the wave both because there are warning systems for 'm just as afraid of 9 . whatever the earth quake striking and has a roof that falls on me and I've been in a small earthquake there when I was about 11 and still scares the hell out of me . When the earth quakes happen under the sea which is the case so far in the ocean that can be felt ? Please help I am very nervous about this week long trip .

  • Should I go to sleep or what?

    Well, well it's 4:30 am now and I'm really tired . I have to get my sleep schedule back on track , so it would be better if I went to sleep and woke up in the afternoon or stay and go to bed at night time this normal?

  • NEXT QUESTION: My bad nights of sleep.?

    For some reason , I have trouble sleeping terrible ... It's five in the morning right now . I jumped up because I thought it was an earthquake , but it was just someone walking past my door to go to the bathroom . However, not just what woke me . I talk in my sleep a lot and it's fucking ridiculous. Sometimes I know that no one , however , I have a picture of that special person in my mind or think I'm doing something . It's really creepy . Many times it will be a social event I do in my dreams ( or even my mind ) . An experience is because web cam I go to talk to people and I have been partying a lot lately . Before the land rose slightly earthquake incident , I was imagining that I was talking to a guy ... Could it be because I was drinking yesterday or ... ? Help me because I do not know what time of night this happened! Should I take sleeping pills ? I swear, laughing in my sleep and talk to people randomly *** is not friendly people! Nor is doing karate moves in his sleep ... Yes , so while my best friend went to sleep .

  • What do you think this is? Obsessive worring?

    Your QuestionShow opened my other » Is OCD , anxiety or bipolar disorder ? I am concern. I mostly worry about things like earthquakes .

  • Is there something wrong with me?

    I'm staying in a hotel with my family . Since I have memory , I have heard little squeaking sounds like someones in my house as I was walking home alone , but I live in a creaky old house so. But yesterday I was in the hotel room alone and heard someone brushing their teeth . I checked to make sure I was alone and I was. When I woke up today I thought I heard someone sigh on the floor on the other side of the bed , but no one was there . And I felt the bed shake today as a small earthquake or something , but no one else was . I 'm crazy or make a big deal out of nothing . I know that during the Holocaust a form of torture was left alone in the dark . There minds began to play tricks causing hallucinations. I know it pales in comparison to that, but I 've been going through the social drama and is very lonely , do you have a similar, but less important , affect me as described above ?

  • Phobias, HELP! 10 points?

    I have a lot of phobias and I can not get rid of them , but I can see a therapist or whatever oceans and pools heights planes (flying ) Ships ( cruseing ) beens wasps lighting and thunder 21/12/2012 ( thts not a phobia , but it's driving me crazy ! ) tornadoes earthquakes tsunamis London ( City ) U.S.A. ( country) I need help with these phobias , with time and I still think that an earthquake or anything like that will Stryke as every 5 minuites as im paranoid can some1 please help me?

  • Why do I think about getting hurt?

    Lately I've been thinking about hurting yourself, do not know why and I do not like . One of my ideas is that I'm in a room and an earthquake occurs and BEEM falls and hits me in the shoulder or rack server goes down and my leg traps and can not leave . Why do I have these thoughts about hurting and what I can do about it ?

  • I need help......please!?

    my mom said I can not get a new bed cuz i just got one in June ikea ..... is a high and wobbly bed REALLY ! i afraid that every time there is an earthquake is going to collapse on everything beneath it ! I tried to explain but it always ends in an argument! I mean , I was the one who bought it in the first place! please help me is making me all stressed and depressed! ..... I appreciate you guys trying to help, but I put together in ikea they dont seem to care ! my mom said she will not let me have another bed or let me take apart I have ! I do not understand and told me that if I ask why nothing again will sell my rabbit ! i need help!

  • Help! Im scared.. Something in my room made me frightened?

    Well I do not think this is me . It's 12:20 am and I was dancing and jumping around in the living room to feel tired . So I danced like 3 songs and went to bed . I turned the fan shut the door and turned off the lights, but a little night light was on. I was lying closing her eyes and suddenly I heard my bed . My bed just makes a noise when you sit on it or put a lot of pressure. it made ​​a loud noise as if someone threw something at him and then opened my eyes and sat up. Then the bed started shaking , so I ran out of my room . This has never happened before. I've never had these problems before and I've seen nothing of fear in a while .

  • How do i get rid of my scare about death?

    Every time I hear a story as bad as the tsunami earth quake, flight accident , car accident and so on , I'm afraid that would happen to me next time when I go by plane or car. I always fear death and think a lot about the incidents I read or see anywhere. please help .

  • Is it possible for a population to have a collective suffering of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?

    Is it possible that a population has a collective suffering Syndrome Post Traumatic Stress ?

  • You ever seem to imagine the worse happening to everyone?

    As you feel overprotective of everyone and you imagine , for example, your family and relative child being beaten by a car and imagining in great detail ? I always feel that life is so precious and that this could happen to anyone , and it would be my fault so I'm overprotective of those I care about. What's wrong with me ?

  • How to get mentally tough and fight through anything?

    Im wondering how to get a mental capacity very difficult to be able to do anything . Any anwsers ?