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  • Create my pokemon diamond team!!!!!!?

    Ok , so I have all these big pokemon and witches do not know I put in a team , so Nees you to help me here ok so here are the pokemon available remember there all lvl 100 max stats - Lugia hydraulic pump fly sky attack aeroblast - Dragonite fly hyper beam thunder Dragon Rush - Gengar sucker punch dark pulse phycic night slash - Armaldo protect stone edge hyper beam earthquake - Salamence Fireblast hyper beam fly Dragon Rage - Weezing double whammy explosion Sludge pump destiney pump - Celebi magic leaf hyper beam leaf storm recover -mew aura sphere phycic metronome transform - Tyranitar dark pulse hyper beam stone edge earth earthquake - Venusaur Solar beam synthesis toxic earthquake - Blastoise hydraulic pump protect party skull quick turn - Charizard flamethrower overheating protect earthquake - Pikachu brick break iron tail volt tackle thunder Also I have an inexperienced and paklia deyoxis

  • Good soul silver team?

    typhlosin plume laval flamthorwer eruption earth earthquake Starmie navigate icebeam physical hydraulic pump Sceptile leaf leaf earth earthquake crunch toxic Ampharos Fire Punch thunder punch Thunder Bolt any suggestions ? Blissey softboiled toxic flamthrower thunder lugia airport explosion Hydro punishment fly

  • Where can you download free and full games with no credit card required?

    Where can download free games and complete without a credit card ?

  • Pokemon pearl- please help with my team and rate it?

    I want to know the movesets ideal for wifi battling and complete the game . espeon psychic Morning Sun shadow ball grass knot Dragonite Dragon Rush fly flamethrower icebeam blastoise navigate I'm not sure moveset arcanine earthquak speed xtreme flamethrower dragon pulse? slacking giga impact slack off shadow claw drain punch? ? Finally Bronzong psychic earthquake quiet mind light display ? ? Articles and moveset appreciated

  • Will the Tsunami in Japan delay the release of the nintendo 3ds?

    I'm worried about sick or dead in Japan , I wonder if it will be delayed .

  • Rate my Fire Red team???

    - Venusaur lvl 60 - Solarbeam , Razor Leaf , Vine Whip , Earthquake Mewtwo - lvl 72 - Psychic, Shadow Ball , Recover , Swift - Zapdos lvl 63 - Thunder , Fly , Drill Peck , Aerial Ace - Nidoking lvl 59 - Earthquake, Megahorn , Strength and Rock Smash I want to replace with another movement - Vaporean lvl 64 Surf , Water Pulse, Aurora Beam Secret Power . - Dragonite lvl 60 - Ice Beam , Body Slam , Agility , Dragon Rage . This requires a new set of moves soplease help me here . - I also forming a Pupitar to evolve into Tyranitar so what shoulder moves taught me ? ? ? ? thnx a lot

  • My new pokemon team. (diamond)?

    ok with all this wifi diamond and had the opportunity for a completely new team pokemon . Voteplease. Infernape lv . 100 blitze flare conference calls blast burn melee Dialiga lv 100 ( GTS ) Flash cannon roar of time earthquake hydraulic pump palkia lv 100 ( GTS ) pulse water tear spatial hidden power dark pulse Celibi lv 100 ( GTS ) solor beam sunny day razor frenzy plant kyorge lv 100 ( sap ) pure cold hydraulic pump double-edged Ice beam Groudon lv 100 ( Emerald ) solor beam eruption fissure earth quake.

  • Any games that i can play on my computer? READ ON...?

    I have a laptop HP paviilion entertainment, i has a Nvidea geforce 6150 and 2GB of RAM now I'm playing Age of Empires 3 and Battle for Middle Earth 2 . and I was wondering if you could name some interesting games that I can run !

  • Gallade Moveset?

    Please rate my Gallade moveset : - Earthquake - Psycho Cut - Close Combat - Leaf Leaf

  • What is a good moveset for my Toxicroak?

    Right now I have : - Brick Break - Sludge Bomb - Poison Jab - Ice Punch I do not think it's good . Can anyone suggest a new one for me?

  • Rate my Pokemon Platinum team?

    Empeleon Hydro Pump Drill Peck Surf Ice Beam Leafeon Solar Beam Sheet Sheet Grass Whistle Giga Drain Houndoom Giga Impact flamethrower Fire Card Crunch Staraptor Brave Bird Aeriel Ace Fly Combat Lucario Aura Sphere Earth Quake Pulse dragon Extremespeed Garchomp Dragon Rush earthquake Dracometeor crunch

  • Rate my pokemon emerald team!!?

    Here is my team in pokemon emerald version Sceptile Leaf blade Thunderpuch Hiddenpower (ice ) Focus Punch Swampert Ice beam Surf earthquake Hydro pump Aggron earthquake Thunderbolt double edge Iron tail Absol calm mind Shadow Ball Body Slam Baton pass Torkoal Heatwave overheating Body Slam Rock slide Flygon Hyperbeam earthquake Fly outrage - Is this team good enough ? also includes some tips on how to distribute the HM moves correctly because I think some hm movements are weak so do not teach my pokemon with that move .. -Thanks I will give 5 stars for the best answer ;) )

  • Good 6th for my Pokemon team!?

    I want a special attacker or support pokemon . It is a mixed-level team . No ubers . My team so far is Metagross earthquake Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Houndoom Fire Card Sludge Bomb Machination dark pulse Aerodactyl Stealth Rock Taunt Rock Slide Steel wing Milotic recovering Toxic Ice Beam Surf Tyranitar Crunch Earth Quake Stone Edge avalanche

  • Help me with my pokemon pearl line up?

    Hey , I'm looking to get my best pearls in line , but this is the only pokemon game I have. My background is .. ( By the way , I know the movements are bad ) Mewtwo lvl 100 flamethrower Ice beam pshycic ray Dragonite lvl 100 Flame spray Thunder Bolt outrage Surf Charizard lvl 100 Flame Thrower earth earthquake attack wing Dragon claw Palkia Dragon claw Thunder Bolt Flame Thrower Free space atm I have used all these moves to get them all to level 100 pokemon league easily and have not changed them Help would be greatfully appreciated . :)

  • What is the best move combination for a Gengar, Rampardash, and an Infernape.?

    I have these three Pokémon , and I think I'll start some battles Wi - Fi , so you need to strengthen . Also I have a Luxray Floatzel and a.

  • Dragonvale Breeding Help?

    What do you breed dragons to get dragon Peridot , and any of the dragons Olympus ? Please let me know . I would get something from them before going . Thank you !

  • Plz rate my pokemon diamond team?

    Rapidash lvl.57 poison jab flamethrower Megahorn Fireblast Weavile lvl.56 night slash air as avalanche brick break Electivire lvl.57 Fire Punch thunder punch earth earthquake brick break Empoleon lvl.56 navigate kiss drilling shadow claw grass knot Tyranitar lvl.57 air as thunder fang earthquake crunch Dusknoir lvl.56 thunder punch Fire Punch Ice Punch shadow ball

  • "Paper mario the thousand year door" recipies?

    Do you know any good ones?

  • Rate my pokemon fire red team?

    Blastoise - Hydro cannon , skull bash , surf , ice beam Arcanine - Fire Blast , Flamethrower extreme speed , and Iron Tail Eletecbuzz - Thunder Punch , Thunder , Physics , Thunder bolt . Rhydon to earth quake, double edge and disassembly not know Rhydon step 4 sp attack if I had I would have chosen under ice beam or flamethrower . Any suggestions ? Nidoking -Trash , Mega Horn , Thunder Bolt, Flamethrower Suggestions and proposals for the sixth pokemon . Also it is legendary and not know if I should teach blastoise earthquake or Rhydon because I do not want to wait that long for more Rhydon Rhydon can not learn many good moves . And iron tail is a good move ? thanks

  • I cant choose a pokemon white party?

    I finiished pokemon black and have realized that my team is, well , **** . ATM I have a Samurott , Volcarona , Braviary , Elektross , and Haxorus Mienshao . Moreover, I would Samurott , Hydreigon , Vanilluxe , Ferrothorn , Golurk / Excadrill / Zoroark Conkelldur and . Should I restart the game or just swap the pokemon ? All opinions on my team (new or old ) would be greatly appreciated . (Besides , I have only one ds : ()