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  • Is it possible for any natural disasters to happen in the UK?

    Can natural disasters occurring in the UK as a tsunami earthquake ect ?

  • What do you understand by “Evolution”?

    And ... you come up with that particular concept or to remove it somewhere?

  • Wavesssssssss???????

    1.sound waves water waves

  • Are we having more natural disasters than usual?

    I never read the news much until about 6 months ago , but it seems that something bad is happening every day somewhere. Like earthquakes in Arkansas - earthquakes do not happen really much there ( according to the newspaper , anyway) , but there have been over 700 in the last 6 months. Now Texas and Oklahoma are beginning to have earthquakes , as I said before the 6 months I have not read the news , so I do not know if all this is extremely unusual . Like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan - I know it's normal, and that is in the Pacific ring of fire , but usually are not as bad earthquakes ? So basically just answer the main question , and name few natural disasters that are worse than what happened in Japan , if you know of any, besides Pompeii.

  • What would happen?

    I recently read a book

  • The World is ending is it?

    If the world really is ending , how is it that people keep making suggestions on what to stock up , like survival kits etc? Surely if the world is going to end in " a particular day ," then you will not need anything right? The world is over ! !

  • Why do my sneakers squeak?

    Why is that the pattern of sneakers squeaking with WVWVWVWV noticeably than other models ? I do not wear shoes when I go to certain library because I am a notorious shoe rattle .

  • What is the resonant frequency of diamond?

    Today I learned in physics class that can break the glass by exposing glass to a resonant frequency . Is there any way to break diamond using this method ? Also what other material can be broken with resonance frequencies ?

  • I need help finding some current events for science?

    Does anyone know any pages or links that I can find that current events have to do with science ? as has happened something like

  • Is it true that frogs can predict earthquakes?

    I read an article and want to know how true this is. It is said that the frogs in China before migrating the shaking of the earth to safety .