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  • My nieghber went to pakistan and has not came back yet?

    She said she went to ( Lubye ) but I need to know if your current spelling was affected by the earthquake .

  • I need to know Guam Island - United States?

    How I can go for 10 days Guam Island , what visa , an airline can go without visa. I heard from embassy can go there in two weeks without special visa with the airline (3 airline ) , but I do not know. please help me. What of the beach area and cheap .

  • Where is a great place in the south to live?

    I am wanting to move, and I've heard good things both of Southern hospitality and I give it a try . I want to move somewhere that has a pleasant climate , not too hot nor too cold . Somewhere there any hurricane , tornado , earthquake . Not in a big city or somewhere, but it might be an hour or a few good-sized city . I know this is a lot of desires haha but any suggestions would be sooo helpful ! Thanks :)