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  • Time stoped for few seconds everything paused?

    Location on a bench I was looking at the way people walked many people on the street and sudenly What I see is that everything stopped for a few seconds 5 seconds someone made a movie for 5 seconds and then play from the same point , anyone has any idea please tell me thanks .

  • Whats this that the world will end in 2012?

    Some say the calendar ends chinease and blah , blah , blah , that's when the world will end

  • Year 2012 ending of the world?

    How do you feel about the end of the world 2012 , or the change of the world prophecy ?

  • What do you think will happen on 2012?

    everybody is talking about 2012 .... saying the world will end .... What are you think will happen ?

  • Do you really believe that the world will end in 2012?

    Do you really believe that the world will end in 2012 ?

  • Do you believe the world will end in 2012 or is it all BS?

    Just saw a television program about the ancient Maya and how to predict the end of the world 12/21/2012 . I have all worked .

  • Has anyone heard of the north American union plan? If so I have an interesting theory involving 2012?

    Say the approaching Planet X 2012 and makes all the devastation that has been promised or suggested by many. Now, this plan of union with Canada and Mexico would join the United States. This could lead to more countries join this union . Why U.S. do something like this ? Perhaps the United States knows that 2012 end of the world will happen and the devastation that comes with the 2012 paralyzed the power of the United States in the world . So to prevent that from happening , why not join as many countries as possible to protect the U.S. Nations disaster that left at the top . Its believed that North America will suffer the most from every continent , due to its location . Ask to see where I'm going with this?

  • So, does anybody really believe this 2012 stuff?

    It's starting to be everywhere ... Internet , newspapers ... damn even made a movie about it . Does anyone beleive ? Apparently , the Maya have been super mundane events right on your calendar so far, and then it just stops on December 21, 2012 . ):

  • World ending in 2012?

    I think not ! They said the world ends in 2000 , and did? NO! God, why do you still believe that scientists after all his lies . perhaps thousands or millions of years after they all die (adult ) . then you might end but not now . stop believing that scientists and live their lives . 2012 is the end of a calender. NOT THE WORLD ! and

  • Does anyone believe in 2012?

    Happenin all earthquakes now and every movie aboout the end of the world are scaring me ... Does anyone really believe that will happen? How I can stop being paranoid


    I just want to see what people what s going to happen . I can not pick a side . Some people say that the earthquakes that occurred are just the beginning . I want to see what you think. There will be more responsive . Just saying ...

  • Im so scared of 2012 and dooms day!!!! is it gonna happen?

    im scared because I'm only 13 and i wil they turn 16 years in 2012 and I want to learn to drive and get married and meet new people. tell me who did this and why and what they test it cuz im damn him !

  • Dream about the galaxy falling apart?

    I dreamed a part of our galaxy collapsed , and survived to land, but the conditions of survival of the planets were scarce and no one knew what was going to happen. Any idea what this means ? thank you

  • Loki vs. Lucifer? Who wins?

    Loki vs Lucifer ? Who wins ?

  • Does anyone fully understand solstice 2012?Could you explain and what are your thoughts?

    Does anyone understand completely solstice 2012? Could you explain and what are your thoughts ?

  • Like Nastradomus predicted, do you think the world will really end in 2012?

    I was watching this special on the History Channel , and predicted that 400 years ago that the world will end in 2012 and that extreme heat will kill all animal foods we eat byproduct type , and eventually is killing us . Perhaps because of global warming , or something. Force us to resort to cannibalism due to lack of food or something ... I do not know .... It is very interesting to me , but very unlikely , I suppose . What do you think of it ?

  • Does anyone find it interesting that "The End of Days" is a little over a month after the US elections in 2012?

    Does anyone find it interesting that

  • Do you believe in the paranormal?

    Think you share the world with spirits ( not the drinking kind ) ?

  • What is the probability that another earth quake will occur like that of april 18?

    This may sound strange , do not know how many of you believe in psychics or anything like that . Let me explain . In 2000 this man ( He does psychic readings and such in Illinois ) I told my family that two earthquakes are going to happen to the Midwest in the next ten years. One small , no damage , and then a second . A big one , with huge amounts of devastation . He said it would be so great , that would connect the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River . Cities are lost , families separated , and that would be the worst earthquake to hit the U.S. What are the chances of another earthquake occurs , and what are the chances of it being of such magnitude . He said he would not be physically harmed because they no longer residing in the Midwest . In 2006 we moved to ky , ( Chicago , not because the psychic told you would lol ) but he said many of his friends and family are gone. I'm just curious as to what people think. thanks

  • Origin myth help??????

    so for my English class I have to write a two page origin myth . an origin myth is telling how the Indians believed things were created , ie land , as bears walk on four legs ect . anyway I have to write my own so any idea what to write would apprecitate :)