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  • Dream interpretation? (earthquakes/meteors/end of the world..)?

    So , in the dream , I'm at the mall where my work friend and I 'm visiting . Then suddenly , an earthquake starts to happen. I live in Southern California , so it's not strange . But I'm also terrified of them . And in the dream was bigger than I 've felt in real life . Anyway, I 'm grabbing my friend and we duck and cover in some nearby tables until it stops . Then we go out . I look at the sky and see the area where the moon is a strange looking . He had a glow yellow / orange and the moon looked more like a galaxy (the spiral kind of looking ) . And then I realize asteroid / meteor in the sky and why the moon seemed strange that he was beaten by one . Everyone started screaming , but we were all kind of frozen with fear and all I could think was that I had to go home to be with my mom . And that's when my heart pounding woke me up .

  • Destructive dreams on a global scale?

    I was at the local school and saw two suns in the sky . I said

  • What do my dreams mean? earth and the world changing.?

    So far, I have dreamed two dreams about the end of the world. Not necessarly ends but the sense of reducing everyone were to start a new world. First dream I had was a normal day at the park that was with someone but I do not remember who it was. Then I looked to the sky .. the sky turned to ice. And it was a huge mass of frozen ice ball that exploded. Everything was frozen .. It's like everything in the world died except me. I fell to the ground, the cold seemed to the person I was, I was frozen. I could not help .. I was still alive. Then I woke up ... Second dream was much more detailed. I was walking home. It was a good day .. Suddenly, the sky filled with storm clouds and darkness and earth quake erupted. I was so scared and started running. I did not know what was happening. Everywhere was so foggy and dark I could not see. Run .. It looked like he was running for a while and then for some reason I remembered that the date was December 21.2012. I remembered my man tell me the world ends .. the rumor was true. Then I found a building where people were hiding award ... Not only people, but also strange creatures I've never seen before. Werewolves and other creatures with wings .. Everyone was trying to do something or over. I have met people who have helped me and I needed to know what was happening. I stayed with them we became a team. They helped me understand. And that's basically all I can remember ... - I told my boyfriend about these dreams and he told me to read the Bible. Revelation part. And a lot of things coincide. I knew nothing about the revelations. I was overwhelmed when it began to coincide. I would like someone to tell me why I had this dream ..

  • I dreamt I was in a swimming pool? 10 points for best answer!!!!?

    I dreamed that my local pool was in my school , and we were all doing swimming lessons Yes , but then my history teacher ( ? ) He was telling us about the Earth's core was increasing, and saw the Earth's core in the center of the pool , and all swam away ... then I had too much has changed in the corriders , and I was in my bra , but for some reason I did not care ... thoughts ?

  • I had a really weird dream about planets in our sky?

    I had a dream of me only on vacation with my friends when I was lying with my friends and saw heaven . there were all the planets in a circle . I looked up and all the planets fell sideways to the sun . The land had an earth quake . It looked black hole sucking all the planets . It was really scary though.

  • I had a really weird dream?

    I had a dream that was 2012 and there was no giant earthquakes earth and the world was coming to an end and I tried to stay alive , what does that mean?

  • Can I see the future?

    ( Note , for those of you , this could be TMTR , and I tried to publish in the science section , but due to the publication in the wrong section accidentally gave me a

  • Dreams? that happen?!?

    Is it normal to have the same dream a lot of times and then this happens? This happened to me a lot! on a lot of different dreams . Could it be that God is trying to warn me of something ?

  • Can someone help me explain another one of my dreams?

    Ok I was 6 years old when I dreamed of this and I can still remember : I dreamed I was at the mall with my mother and my grandmother . We were walking around looking when suddenly the ground starts shaking and crumbling beneath us and the skeletons start to climb walls beside the escalator (we were on the 2nd floor ) and start chasing us ! But if we moved we would have been in danger because every time you forward or anything, the floor would fall . So anyway that was my dream . That has always been wondering why I could have been dreaming a dream at 6 years of age.

  • Can someone tell me what my dream represents?

    Ok so last night I had a dream that I was at my current school, but I was with my old friends from previous school . Then an earthquake and one of the school buildings falls killing the leader and all the deans . Then everyone escapes including me . The current portion continues forever and finally I wake . In no way is the earthquake that happened in my dream to have anything to do with the recent disaster in Haiti . Im curious what this dream represents what is to come or what has happened in my life .

  • I had a dream and I need help on the meaning?

    Ok , so I live in JP and I left the states and I had to leave my boyfriend all I think of it is that I feel very bad for thinking this, but if you have jp earthquake and know I will evacuate and reach see it, but I don ' t really want people to die ( everyone always has that desire to hurt others , so do not judge me ) , but the dream was that I was in the store after eating a tomato I went to the bathroom and then the dream changed and I was with my boyfriend and some friends who tell them how bad the equation was . What does this mean

  • What does it mean yesterday after an afternoon nap I thought I was hearing the sound of rock grinding?

    A small earthquake was reported today . The day before the earthquake in Japan, seemed to hear the sound of moving water or pressure change . This may sound like throwing gas flowing pipe. Is it my imagination just creating a sound that can possible happen to Earth grows caused by global warming and cooling cycles . It's actually a cheap way to see how different sound earth quakes . What if Africa moved a foot or two. Is it possible to see a large peaces continent in an ocean side . With all the economic turmoil of the world understand that they need money to everyone. Only borrow money in an economic system is not a good time to put the unemployed to work , to the extent of their mental capacities or improve their skills . Everyone has a different mental wealth . Everyone needs different amounts to create economic security and future goals .

  • Dreamining about Earthquake?

    I had a dream this morning that I was with my sister / brother and suddenly there was a fall of similar land as earthquake and then started running up the hill higher and higher. I suddenly realized that I forgot to save my sister / brother so I ran back to get them. Earthquake was happening simultaneously , was crumbling houses , people are running and I was looking and looking . There were plenty of people around who do not know you at all . Finally , my sister called me and she was crying and I began to mourn . I was praying that she's alive and I was crying . Later there was more , but I do not remember. Hope to hear soon reply.