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  • Why are Earth Quakes becoming more Frequent?

    Why the earth quakes increasingly common ?

  • What the hell was that? Anyone in England experience an earth quake or did I dream it?

    What the hell was that? Anyone in England experiencing an earthquake or did I dream ?

  • Is this one more sign of the end times? More proof there is a God!?

    The ancient holy text reveals that we are looking for these

  • Weather predictions for the following year?

    What are everyones weather predictions for the coming year ? last year was terrible with torados , floods , blizzards, hurricanes , earthquakes ... eart .. seems it just gets worse and disaster s get larger and larger scale .. any predictions ? or more of the same ?

  • Will the world end in December 2012?

    Please bear with me here ... ! The French apothecary Nostradamus (d. 1566) says that the world will end in December 2012 . I have in the past rejected this, but because of the terrible events in Japan , the earthquake in New Zealand , the Pakistan earthquake and tsunami of 2004 - I'm starting to wonder. Nostradamus said doomsday would begin with the uprisings in East. Anyone else concerned about right now? My source is

  • What are 5 events that shook our world (or nation)?

    Excludes WTC , not have to be a war , battle , etc I prefer something in the past , not current .

  • PSI more than 100, do you know how serious the haze in Singapore ?

    Singapore should mobilize the army and civil defense to help Indonesia fight the forest fire, instead of helping , such as the recent earthquake and

  • What are some current events in Texas? Posted 10-25-11?

    I need some more for my project . Anyone know the current events in Texas ? Thank you ! (:

  • Why is the united states helping so much?

    Here are sending money that we have to help these countries after earthquakes . What about the people here who need the help of money and food . All our home ! One thing is to help another country , but we do before helping our own in this country .

  • Can someone give me some info on earthquakes?

    I've been hearing about the 7.1 earthquake in New Zealand , and the latest update is that they have had over a thousand replicas of three weeks from the principal . The aftershocks have been mainly 3-5.6 ' s and have been getting closer to the surface , 4.8 was only 9 km deep. This earthquake and aftershocks these are larger than the Haiti earthquake . Is that normal ? Never heard of an earthquake and many aftershocks in such great magnitude . Does anyone have some useful statistics or information about why this is so important , and how long it will continue?

  • 5 facts about japan earthquake?

    please can anyone help me find five interesting facts about the earthquake in Japan ? thanks

  • Damn you George Bush...Why Tom Martinez?

    for those of you who do not know. Tom Martinez was the QB coach Tom Brady as a puppy and beyond. George Bush adding to your own body ? But why ? ? Bush has been personally responsible for many deaths . ... She drowned her three children in San Francisco for the love of God ... < / A> < br > Damn you George Bush ... Why Tom Martinez ? ? ? ?

  • What would happen to san francisco if it got hit with a 7.0 earthquake?

    be worse than the 1906 earthquake . BQ how long it would take the U.S. Government to send help there ?

  • How much of Japan has been hit by the earthquake and tsunami?

    What part of Japan has been beaten by the earthquake and tsunami ?

  • Earth Quake in Florida?

    Did anyone feel the earthquake this morning ? New is saying it was in the Gulf and the west coast of Florida . To listen on sidewalks cracked in Orlando . Is this true . My neighbors in central Florida, said he felt . I did not. Any damage anywhere?

  • Can you sleep Peacefully?

    How good is your living place resistant to natural disasters like the earthquake in the earth , storm , flood ... ?

  • What is the probability that another earth quake will occur like that of april 18?

    This may sound strange , do not know how many of you believe in psychics or anything like that . Let me explain . In 2000 this man ( He does psychic readings and such in Illinois ) I told my family that two earthquakes are going to happen to the Midwest in the next ten years. One small , no damage , and then a second . A big one , with huge amounts of devastation . He said it would be so great , that would connect the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River . Cities are lost , families separated , and that would be the worst earthquake to hit the U.S. What are the chances of another earthquake occurs , and what are the chances of it being of such magnitude . He said he would not be physically harmed because they no longer residing in the Midwest . In 2006 we moved to ky , ( Chicago , not because the psychic told you would lol ) but he said many of his friends and family are gone. I'm just curious as to what people think. thanks

  • 2012, WTF IS GOING ON?

    I know I'm not the only one who has seen / heard all this crazy **** strange is happening : - birds falling from the sky - No dolphins and whales in the ocean be - No wait tornadoes

  • Today morning my dream came true of earth quake in iran. It is a coinsidence or should i go and see doc? true ?

    This morning my dream came true the earthquake in Iran . It is a coinsidence or should I see doc ? right?

  • Is this pic of recent quake activity in Japan typical, aftershocks, or what (see link)? @ N0 ...