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  • According to Haitians, Amnesty drives them to leave Canada to come to the US illegally?

    After the earthquake, the Obama administration gave amnesty to Haitians remain in the U.S. called Temporary Protected Status It was assumed that only Haitians in the country before January 12 However, Haitians still come to Canada to try to take advantage of the amnesty offer So this information we can predict how Mexico, Central America and South America feel about Amnesty ? Do not give amnesty for a crime someone else to promote the same crime ? Is not that the lesson of the Haitians ? So Obama gives 12 million to 25 million people a blank check quick pass to citizenship and a welfare state what does the rest of the people in poverty in those countries? Laws dont matter ? Amnesty will be yours in the end? Coming to America?

  • Do u know about earth quake?

    Do u know about earthquakes?

  • Is this wrong?

    I think we are what we do ourselves. We are in the control and responsibility for our own actions . Not having a religion does not bother me . I believe in myself ....... I have faith in my car I believe in my family and friends ....... I have faith in my family and friends . I believe and I have faith in human nature and instinct ..... ... In an earthquake, fire, explosion , earth when you see people are quick to help each other do not stop to ask what religion are helping them because they are human brothers and sisters . In my opinion religion prevents integration and promotes separation. I am happy to be able to look at the person as a human being , not a follower of religion so what ever stereo typing them. I'm gonna live my life .......... I love my life ......... control my life ..... and be resonsible for her .. when I do bad I pay . ..... the only person I've wronged can forgive me ...... If they do not I'll have to live with it . Who agrees? ? ?

  • Which are more powerful earth quakes or black holes?

    What are the most powerful earthquakes or black holes ?

  • Correlation between earth quake in NJ, LA, Alaska volcano questions?

    Did anyone see a correlation between an earthquake in New Jersey ( the first on record I think) an earthquake in Los Angeles yesterday and the volcano is about to erupt in Alaska ? Post your ideas here .

  • Is God pleased when certain people die eg tsunami/ or earth quake victims[infants&adults]?

    Is God pleased when some people die for example , victims of the earthquake -tsunami / or land [ babies

  • Do you believe the world will end in 2012 or is it all BS?

    Just saw a television program about the ancient Maya and how to predict the end of the world 12/21/2012 . I have all worked .

  • Pokemon Emerald Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

    Need help in capturing latios and Regis ( Regirock mainly because I want the most ) . I already chose latios , now I need to know where I can catch it. i also need to know how to catch the record. ty!

  • Earthquakes? Any correlation with gravitational alignments?

    Are there studies that show that the correlations between earthquakes and alignments gravitational field with the earth ? Are earthquakes more frequent during or just after , conjunctions of any kind? The earthquake of San Diego , 1989 It happened just after this adaptation. Are there any more ? Where I can find a PC program to run these cross-checks ?

  • Why is earthquake happening very often in Asia lately?

    Why the earthquake occurs very often in Asia lately?

  • Why are quakes called earthquakes?

    Is it just called earthquake because it happens on earth ? If so , if there was an earthquake on another planet like Mars ? Would mars- called earthquake ? If not , why not ?

  • Will Tokyo to be flattened by next major earthquake, then L.A. ?

    I just heard a volcano erupted in Japan and around the Toyota , Honda and Sony plants etc are closed . The prophecy I heard from Jim Bakker is Tokyo could be beaten by a great earthquake and Los Angeles will be next - not only building standing. I do not know how most people on earth will be able to withstand hear of such tragedies . It's so sad beyond. I really wonder if the reports of wars and major earthquakes rare if not about the signs of the end . What do you think ? Why is Japan the closure of all its companies ? Nobody believes what he is saying Japanese government , why are they lying?

  • Can the dead speak to the living?

    Can the dead speak to the living?

  • Comment my first chapter?

    This is my first chapter. Thanks for any and all comments I slowly counted the seconds the lights extended beyond me. I wanted to remember everything about this moment. The cigarette smell that clung tightly to the smooth leather seats. The incessant drizzle lining the pavement. The constant domain of the truck as it sailed through the dark streets guided only by moonlight. The two goofs who claimed to be "city officials" who sit in the front. I would remind all from now and before. More than anything, I wanted to remind humans. I would like to remind all rebellious anger, all the anguish, all. The way my skin is lifted into the cold night. The way my fragile wrists ached from the wives of heavy metals. My beautiful full lips, my chocolate brown skin, jet black hair, not everything would be as before. No matter what anyone says, I know I'm not. In contemplating this thought tired, I felt the van coming to an end. The time was about me. I glanced at the street. Tall buildings looming around me. Perfectly shaped buildings, no sign of smoke or air pollution. Beautifully cut grass and crystal clear windows. This was, Oridec City. It is the capital of the followers of Technology. Said to be the most perfect place on earth. Oridec was a little too perfect for me. As if to say "You have to live by my example and live under my rule." I hated this. And they are planning to become one of their "reformed prisoners." So when you can not make someone do what you want, change them by force? I had to get through this. My body ached to move, longed action. I will not let you win this time. Too many times before I've left my body gains and never went well. In fact, this whole mess is because I give in to my instincts. I hated that about me. You should be calm and serene ..... as if that would never happen. Now he could hear footsteps approaching the door of the back of the truck. The last chance, my last chance, I have to do something! Click. Blocking is disabled. It will enter at any time to take. Relax Relax Relax! I constantly told myself in vain. The embedded door slightly open. A ray of light peeked through the crack. Calm Down! I screamed inwardly, but my body was shaking with anxiety. Sweat ran down my forehead. The left door is opened accidentally. My feet were rooted to the surface beneath me. The door burst open right now and I could hear their voices filled with light chatter. My heart began to bang violently against my ribs. A hand appeared in bright metal support bar, but now my mind had already lost the war to my body. The man in the truck and dragged my feet gave me to him. He looked up just in time to feel my skull crushed ribs. We landed next to the van. He landed on his back, gasping for air his lungs refused. I barrel rolled to my feet. I looked at his companion at his side. Now it was time to escape. I flew, regardless of the two officers I left behind. That is the way. I said. Fly to your freedom, take it with his own hands, no one else can give you freedom but you. So many times before, these feet of mine had done the same thing over and over again. They were always willing to take. So why I had not yet found my freedom? After running for about five minutes at last heard the sirens sound somewhere in the distance. That was weird. Oridec prided itself in its quick response and efficiency crime in removing it. I should have been in custody for now. Maybe today was a lucky break for me. The first day when I really get what I want. I liked the idea of ​​that. Too much had gone wrong lately. I was about to finish school. Just had to let someone's words reach me! Looking back, that was really stupid and childish of me. Is that to my parents think that way ... hurts. Recalling his cold dead lifeless bodies, hurts. It is a reminder that the plates of my mind, like a disease eats me. Rather, like a fire that burns inside of me, starting with my heart and leave nothing untouched. Those people in my class are the worst, piracy in the school system and get into my personal life. They deserve worse than they received. Rounding the corner, I realized that I had thought too soon. There was a lock set. There were three androids and humans both. No, wait, four androids and human one. It's a little hard to say at some point, but could detect a kilometer away. No matter how much you made them look human, always have too much of a silence about it. Besides that, as human beings were perfect. Its proportions, her silky hair, his eyes warm, friendly and welcoming their voices were too surreal. No human being can be so beautiful and if it were something had to be wrong with them. I realized as soon as he turned the corner. Great, what could he do now? The problem with Oridec i

  • What Happens If Saturn Replaces Venus and Jupiter Replaces Mars?

    what happens to the earth ?

  • Was there an earthquake tonight? I am sure there was.?

    I woke in the early hours of the morning this thought had been only an earthquake , shaking my bed and woke immediatelly , and I was afraid ... was an earthquake . I am in Manchester UK x true

  • So for the U.S elections have they opened the voting lines yet?

    What are your codes ?

  • Is there any secular evidence of the walking dead in the bible?

  • Where will the next earth quake be in the pacific ring of fire?

    Where will the next earthquake will be in the Pacific ring of fire ?

  • Kavekarst- Those "bells" might actually have been something eh?

    Kavekarst asked a few days ago about bell sounds strange underwater (apparently near Haiti ) and then we have this great earthquake. Does anyone else think that my dismissal of strange sounds like nothing was wrong ? I think I may have experienced one of those rare events that are mentioned precursors here and there , but are difficult to prove as real. You should contact an expert in earthquakes of this and tell her story . The cooincidence is quite difficult to dismiss (a day before the big earthquake that wrote