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  • Dream interpretation? (earthquakes/meteors/end of the world..)?

    So , in the dream , I'm at the mall where my work friend and I 'm visiting . Then suddenly , an earthquake starts to happen. I live in Southern California , so it's not strange . But I'm also terrified of them . And in the dream was bigger than I 've felt in real life . Anyway, I 'm grabbing my friend and we duck and cover in some nearby tables until it stops . Then we go out . I look at the sky and see the area where the moon is a strange looking . He had a glow yellow / orange and the moon looked more like a galaxy (the spiral kind of looking ) . And then I realize asteroid / meteor in the sky and why the moon seemed strange that he was beaten by one . Everyone started screaming , but we were all kind of frozen with fear and all I could think was that I had to go home to be with my mom . And that's when my heart pounding woke me up .

  • Dreams of whale to big for harbor causing earth quake cruse ship in harbor?

    Dreams of Whales large earthquake to cause port cruse ship in port ?

  • About a week before the Asian Tsunami 2004 I had a dream that it was happening to me and my family?

    I had a strange dream that the Tsunami was happening to me and my family, but I knew it would come to that took refuge ( in the dream ) . It was really strange especially as I remembered the dream to learn the Tsunami hit Asia . Is there something wrong with me ?

  • What does it mean when i dream about a tsunami?

    for a few weeks now i have been having these dreams where a typical day , im with my family and my boyfriend ( always the same ) and suddenly there is this huge mountain-sized tsunami headed towards us. It does not stop there because I find myself waking up in the moment , in fact survive this and are trying to look for others . so after a few relatives find her then I wake up from this dream of suspense . What does this mean ?

  • I keep having dreams about the end of the world and the moon...what does this mean ?

    This morning I woke up startled because I had my third dream intense , disturbing about the end of the world in recent months. The first dream I had involved being outside and looking at the sky and watching the meteor coming towards earth . It was so strange and I do not listen to it . The second dream , which happened about 2 months , scared me a little . I was out with some friends and looked up at the sky again , and saw the moon was a crescent and seemed completely normal . As I watched the moon then suddenly filled and blushed bright . I remember telling everyone that the world was ending . Last night I had my third dream , I remember obviously more vividly . I was standing by the ocean in search of seashells ... shells were everywhere, he could barely walk . The waves were huge and bring more shells crashing to shore. I remember looking at the sky (again ) , except that it was day .. the moon, which was barely visible , was a crescent again. I looked back at the sky and the moon was suddenly filled and turned a reddish color . Look left and right and had five moons in the sky all full and reddish. The sea was calm then , there were no waves or movement at all. The dream seemed to have lasted all night , strange things were happening and in the dream I knew that the world was coming to an end . I'm not religious , and I do not think in 2012 or the end of the world . I do not understand why I keep having these dreams quirky involving the moon and the world comes to an end . Is it a sign of something ? Or I 'm just over thinking things ? If someone can give me some advice on what these dreams mean would be greatly appreciated !

  • Dreams? that happen?!?

    Is it normal to have the same dream a lot of times and then this happens? This happened to me a lot! on a lot of different dreams . Could it be that God is trying to warn me of something ?

  • Why do i keep having dreams about a tsunami?

    I still have the same dreams almost every night about tsunamis and tidal waves . Dreams take place mostly on the beach . Sometimes I'll be on a cruise ship on the beach ... Idk why . There's always a lot of people in my dream . I never die , because although I wake up . Do not know why I keep having these dreams .. Another thing is that I'm terrified of water and big waves .

  • What do you think it may mean with a reaccuring dream of a tsunami?

    I reaccuring tsunami dreams in different scenarios . The place and tsunamis are always different , but I find myself watching the rise and ocean waves crashing up . It's really scary and it happens very often when I dream . Any thought .

  • What does it mean to dream of thunderstorms?

    I had a dream last night and I was at home moms and prepareing us for a huge storm coming towards us. The storm hit before we could get to the basement , but he did just in time , lightning had struck the tree in the backyard and all the windows in the kitchen and broke a tree was lying on the kitchen floor . Now some parts strange when I went to my grandmother basment was there (she died in December ) That's my uncle and my mom and a guy I'd never seen before ... hid in the shadows . The second part of my dream made ​​no sense for the first part ... I went back in a year and driving a car looking at a specific number of interstate driving he began to wake up I think the number was 267 that was weird ... but if anyone has any insite please help me :) thank you

  • Have you had any dreams lately, and what are they about?

    I had a dream that I was able to twist the leg from the calf down and let my knee facing forward. It did not hurt anything or was just uncomfortable. The problem was that I could not turn back ! I guess I was sleeping in a strange position so that's what I dreamed ... You?

  • I dreamt about an earthquake?

    I was in the courtyard of this former great, and the interior of the house had people doing these videos on YouTube that I would really like to know . I was with my mom, my cousin and my grandparents . Suddenly there was an earthquake and we all stayed in the center of the backyard so that, if there was a collapse of buildings would be less likely to fall on us. When it was over , we went to this very small bus that was taking all tourists to a safer place or something. When we got on the bus, I saw one of my kid's friend ( lets call it 1) friend (call 2) Type 2 I have never met , but I 've seen your ad images is really cute and I really would like to know . I used to have a crush type 1 . Anyway, we got on the bus and we got down to the bakery where we bought chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake . Does this mean anything ? What does it mean ? thank you!

  • I had a dream and I need help on the meaning?

    Ok , so I live in JP and I left the states and I had to leave my boyfriend all I think of it is that I feel very bad for thinking this, but if you have jp earthquake and know I will evacuate and reach see it, but I don ' t really want people to die ( everyone always has that desire to hurt others , so do not judge me ) , but the dream was that I was in the store after eating a tomato I went to the bathroom and then the dream changed and I was with my boyfriend and some friends who tell them how bad the equation was . What does this mean

  • Dream Interpretation......... about earth quake?

    I had a dream that my family ( my dad , mom nd) went to a beach and we were staying in a hotel. we came back from breakfast and suddenly there was earthquake and then I could not find my parents . so I decided to jump and wen i reached the place where everyone was saw my mom . and after a few seconds I saw people coming out of hotel. everyone was safe and when everyone was out another earthquake came and destroyed the hotel . I do not know what it means , but I 'm scared .

  • Can you please help me with my dream ? Very detailed .?

    Ok so this is my dream ... I will explain all I can remember. I was at my boyfriends house , which was a trailer with his fourth built on

  • Why do you think i have intense dreams about the world destruction?

    I have dreams about tornadoes , hurricanes , tsunamis , etc do not really believe that the world will end , but why do I have these dreams ?

  • What does it mean yesterday after an afternoon nap I thought I was hearing the sound of rock grinding?

    A small earthquake was reported today . The day before the earthquake in Japan, seemed to hear the sound of moving water or pressure change . This may sound like throwing gas flowing pipe. Is it my imagination just creating a sound that can possible happen to Earth grows caused by global warming and cooling cycles . It's actually a cheap way to see how different sound earth quakes . What if Africa moved a foot or two. Is it possible to see a large peaces continent in an ocean side . With all the economic turmoil of the world understand that they need money to everyone. Only borrow money in an economic system is not a good time to put the unemployed to work , to the extent of their mental capacities or improve their skills . Everyone has a different mental wealth . Everyone needs different amounts to create economic security and future goals .

  • So big thing I dream about come true?

    ! So I'll be honest, I dream of an earthquake or tsunami earth , but I dreamed of a tornado ( one stroke Alabama ) and I had a lot of DayJaVu I just had a dream about a huge hurricane And in my dreams I can feel everything that I get super scared ! So you think a hurricane is going to hit ? Oh , and I also had a dream about a train and all I remember about the train was that it had a blue ribbon and sought and wrappen a train with a blue ribbon around it was hit by the tsunami in Japan no survivors .. . Is not that strange? ! And I've had moments randiest DayjaVu ! Like if I'm writing a note to school but I have Dayjavu is completely random ! It is very rare around here want to help me ?

  • Is this normal for having dreams?

    two days ago there was an earth quake here in Los Angeles . the night before I had a dream about him, an earthquake struck . and until two weeks ago when the quake struck first , I had a dream about her. That scares me . What? am i psychic ?

  • Dreamining about Earthquake?

    I had a dream this morning that I was with my sister / brother and suddenly there was a fall of similar land as earthquake and then started running up the hill higher and higher. I suddenly realized that I forgot to save my sister / brother so I ran back to get them. Earthquake was happening simultaneously , was crumbling houses , people are running and I was looking and looking . There were plenty of people around who do not know you at all . Finally , my sister called me and she was crying and I began to mourn . I was praying that she's alive and I was crying . Later there was more , but I do not remember. Hope to hear soon reply.