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QLiving and teaching in Mexico?

I will teach English in Mexico for at least six months . I'll be in central Mexico, near the sixth- largest city - Toluca De Lerdo . I'd like to hear from people who have lived or traveled there - your thoughts , ideas , impressions and opinions about the place and the people .

Thank you very much .

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#1tamraAnswered at 2013-06-13 19:18:21
Pretty much spot on !
#2Tang Love Ya Answered at 2013-08-19 23:29:17
Toluca is the undisputed ugliest state capital in the entire country. It has the most unpleasant weather in the country, raining practically every day for six months followed by four months for months of chilly weather with a blazing skin-burning sun, then two months (March and April) of extremely dry mid 80s F temperatures and the same skin-burning sun.

Tolucos are uncouth hicks, even the ones who consider themselves "wealthy." They are cold heartless liars out to screw everyone else over. Most of the population of Toluca are taxi or bus drivers and low level government employees. On the outer fringes of town unskilled factory workers live in the projects. The self styled "upper class" who are mainly nouveau middle class mostly live in the nearby town of Metepec which is full of over priced townhouses.
On your way into Toluca from Mexico City, just past the town of Lerma you will be assaulted by the stench of the chemicals dumped by factories into open canals which lead to the Lerma River. The air is fouled for miles around.

Toluca has possibly the highest murder rate in Mexico. Some people, will argue that Ciudad Juárez has a higher murder rate, but Juárez is not a state capital with a governor who is running for president. If you are not murdered in Toluca you still stand a good chance of being the victim of armed robbery, breaking and entering or car theft. If you are lucky your car will be scratched up with keys.

Good points - near Mexico City which is one of the safest places from drug related crime, is on relatively solid ground in the case of earth quakes
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Living and teaching in Mexico?

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