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QHave Earth Quakes always existed. How far back do records go??

Earthquakes have always existed . How far back will records ?

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#1kelAnswered at 2012-11-22 14:08:39
I can answer both questions with one answer . MD , are prehistoric .
#2Help me :)Answered at 2012-11-29 23:21:30
There are stories of the Bible , but that only goes back so we can test fer . There are some Chineese records dating back to 3500 years. but I'm sure there are older stories written from the eastern Mediterranean .
#3brendenAnswered at 2012-12-23 05:23:15
The first earthquake ( I could find recorded) was in the year 365 in Crete , resulting in 50,000 deaths . Included in the World Book Encyclopedia , in an article
#4DMARAnswered at 2013-01-02 05:41:36
always !
#5kristeenaAnswered at 2013-01-08 08:42:15
Equating the science behind earthquakes, say it is a great chance that they have always been an active process in our plant. I think the records go back to the same era as the invention of the phonograph .
#6B.J.Answered at 2013-02-11 02:33:34
earthquakes have always occurred but only began Recordin them since about 1960 , the earth has always been changing . They slim that North America and Italy were connected together once .
#7 집합 단수명사 Answered at 2013-03-21 01:12:16
It seems that earthquakes have existed almost as long as there has been an Earth , and that earthquakes are caused by the plates that form the Earth's crust is moving past us . Earthquakes are recorded in the Old Testament , so records go well back.
#8SHAUNAAnswered at 2013-04-09 10:31:14
#9davonAnswered at 2013-06-25 02:58:44
Earthquakes have been recorded as early as 1177 B.C. in China. Of course earthquakes have been a part of myth and legend since the dawn of man. In Greek Mythology, Posseidon (Neptune in the Roman pantheon) was "God of the Sea". Yet one of his powers was thought to be that of "earth shaker". As a tsunami is often the result of an earthquake, this was an appropriate power for a sea god.

In European history, the earliest recorded earthquake occurred in 580 B.C. In North America the great earthquakes of 1811-1812 occurred near New Madrid, Missouri. The magnitude of the quakes are not known, but they are estimated to have been about 8 on the Richter scale. There were actually three large quakes with aftershocks between and for months after. The quake was so wide-spread it was felt as far away as Boston.

The most destructive quake in U.S. history occurred in San Francisco in 1906, it caused the deaths of over 700 people. The great Alaskan earthquake of 1964 was twice as powerful, but less destructive due to the low population density of the area struck. The Chilean quake of 1960 was the biggest quake ever recorded. It came in at 9.5 on the Richter scale.
#10LutheAnswered at 2013-07-05 11:28:18
Regular written records certainly back to the 1800's, but geological records dating back millions of years can be found in the rocks themselves.
#11 flowers if Xiangxi -Answered at 2013-07-28 20:48:11

Q: Will Earth soon become one giant land mass, like long ago?

Not "soon" that's guaranteed. Yes, the land of the Earth is based upon "plates" that move due to Continental Drift made of of trenches and, over time, may move apart (ocean creations), together (mountain creations) or slide past each other causing earthquakes (Western Turkey and San Francisco for example have sliding plates).

Once, about 180 million years ago in the Juarrassic Age, the land mass was believed to be an entire continent called Pangea.

Through time the plates moved likely causing many earthquakes creating mountains and oceans. Look at an Atlas. Brazil fits perfectly into Western Africa, as does the Gulf of Mexico into the north western African land mass.

These are only 2 examples of the hordes of examples anyone can find on an atlas that proved it did happen. In your lifetime, the land you're on now will have moved about 10 metres from birth to death, as an idea of how slow the process is.

Now, what the hell will happen in, say 180 million years from now no one knows - but one way or another, these plates will continue to move in the approximate direction they have been in regardless of whether the oceans cover the land or not through climate change - whether natural or human intervention-induced.

Whether it will be a single land mass or whether, for example Europe and North America will join but not Australia since it is trailing too much I don't know.

But certainly Africa to Europe, Alaska to the USSR and N. America to Europe, since they have been proven to be getting closer.
#12AnonymousAnswered at 2013-10-24 10:09:27
Well if you read the bible it says on their ( and the floors rumbled) in it so I would say way, way, way back!!
#13ElijaAnswered at 2013-11-01 08:28:54
certainly as old as the planet earth itself!!! since it is a natural phenomena, i am sure that they have always existed!
#14AnonymousAnswered at 2013-11-16 20:18:45
in "one millions year bc" didn't Raquel Welsh get stuck in an earthquake lol
#15smbAnswered at 2014-01-11 10:19:40
since the dawn of time
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Have Earth Quakes always existed. How far back do records go??

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