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QBerkeley info needed!!!!! Not a site to go to but info!!!!?

I can not find the relationship of man : girl and teacher : student at Berkeley ! I desperately need any useful information that you know from experience or just things u know . Nothing about the university itself.

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#1AnonymousAnswered at 2013-07-22 08:50:00
Berkeley is not too unbalanced yet. It's around 51-53% female, 43% Asian. Faculty:student is LOW. Berkeley is a HUGE school of 35,000 students (30k of whom are undergrad). But if you choose a small major, you will get more time with professors. Otherwise, you will need to be persistent if you want your prof's time, or if you wanna score a research position.

Tuition is about $3500/semester. Apartments cost $850+/month so you will want a roommate unless you are wealthy. Dorms are only guaranteed for fall freshmen. Spring admits fend for yourselves.

Impacted majors include psychology, mass communications, computer science. My major, molecular biology, was the biggest major on campus, but oddly enough it was not impacted.

Campus leans very liberally, but the College Republicans are the largest student group at Cal. The atmosphere is fun, bohemian, and very laid-back. Image counts for NOTHING at Cal, which is a cool thing, imho. Yeah, a lot of people are on drugs, but I wasn't one of them. You'll see some strange things, but you get used to it.

Cal's faculty boasts several Nobel laureates* and Fields medalists. Even those without medals and awards are tops in their field.

* The campus inside joke is that if you win the Nobel prize, the University awards you a parking space. These spaces are labeled "NL."

Sports are decent at Cal. There was an Olympic swimmer in my class. Our mascot is the Golden Bear. His name is "Oski." A minor faultline runs underneath the stadium. Rumor has it, in the next big quake, the stadium will be swallowed into a chasm in the Earth. We have THE AXE! Cal has been beating Stanfurd in Big Game the past few years (after my time ;p).

Gosh, what else could you possibly want to know about the greatest university (far superior to Stanfurd) in the whole wide world?
#2ishiAnswered at 2014-01-04 20:18:18
Why are you so interested in berkeley?? Stanford is oh so much better!!! :~) BUT you can find numerous students that attend the college on Myspace and ask them...
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Berkeley info needed!!!!! Not a site to go to but info!!!!?

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