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QWhats the safest place to be incase on a tsunami?

I wonder what is the safest place in the world , aswell as in London which is the safest area ? To survive a tsunami aswell as an earthquake . Can an underground bunker to survive a megatsunami ?

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#1see V-LINKAnswered at 2013-04-01 23:42:14
#2rusty trambone Answered at 2013-08-18 20:18:33
Any where the elevation is high.
#3SILVAAnswered at 2013-08-31 19:39:52
On a mountain
#4Logan and LydiaAnswered at 2013-10-06 14:39:48
for either a tsunami or an earthquake I would avoid anything underground since an earthquake might cause a cave-in and a tsunami might fill your bunker with water unless it was really air-tight. something elevated like like in an elevated city like colorado would be the safest as long as your not living on a slope or right beside a mountain since a landslide might occur
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Whats the safest place to be incase on a tsunami?

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