Earth Questions

Would you call this a poem? And what do you think of it? Do you think its good? related questions

  • 1Would you call this a poem? And what do you think of it? Do you think its good?

    His blood is heavy with virtue As the sickle is at your back Scrape and tearing his flesh Infectious diseases are now putting in His dying screams are like injections of adrenaline Cold, spasms and erection private I inject a poison that I prepared to perfection I bite into his neck The blood spilled in my mouth, down my throat A taste like no other This is my obsession The depth of his blood almost as strong as his cry from She begs to stop But this is what I need The shadows What is left infesting your beauty They bring me delight I cut my hand Shadows running inside my wound Red blood turns black and sand all the time is Thunder is shaking I can hear God's wrath The sands of time drain This makes the earth quake His pulse and starts to levitate off Oh , father What have I done ? Surely you are not going to punish me for getting the sweet taste on my tongue His eyes were wide and hisses like a snake My fate is sealed ...

  • 2A poem from her to me. is it good?

    she called Bitter But I'm not green with envy, I quake. Still, all I can say is "just took my heart." And now, all I can do, It is trying to protect you. I'm two broken people, Because what I feel for you is non-core. Part of me give up, part of me dies, Part of me loves while a part of me tries. But I can not forgive me, I will not, Because I know you're apologizing because he got caught. So now, I'm a monster I do not want to be, When I look in the mirror I do not know what I see. I'm so far from what I was, but sometimes I do not care, Since I was always good, provided that said: "I'll be there." But were not there to catch me when I fell, I should have done to you when I heard you scream. I hate when you say you're gonna change, When I know that all I really want is out of reach. Giving up everyone and everything is so difficult, I will not lie. Even thinking about it has me about to mourn. Because we were so close, you were my best friend, And knowing all this just makes me want to fix it. So now I sit here in this cage, And all I can think about is all the rage . That wraps my mind remembering that day, And I know that tonight, in bed as I lay, I will mourn and know what you're doing. You whisper "shhh ... ok, ok," as it is something new, Because it always hurts or alone, in my opinion, I was reluctant to think that I could have another ace up his sleeve. Tricks and horrible things are embedded in my mind, Tonight, like every night and I think about you in my bed. Let me know if you're dreaming about me, Maybe if it hurts enough maybe you'll see, I am important, I care, and I'm his best friend, But I guess if it does its probably better if it's the end. tell me what you think. I do not know what I thought was a long time ago when she printed it and gave it to me. I found the writing and above to see what other people thought ...

  • 3Is this poem actually good?

    Blue Moon , Blue Moon , where are you ? Beneath the stars to wait , For you blue moon to reveal my destiny . Let the earth quake beneath me , for your light that awakens my soul . His light shines everywhere , And I have no doubt what you whisper to me is true. Fate always goes ahead . ---- SCM

  • 4Is this poem good????

    But you Ol 'Broken Clock By: Adam M. Snow Will tomorrow Whether it's sadness, With? Ira, famine and floods But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, Echo crying, the child in the future. Begged the world flutter endless With his tongue uttered living words, But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, Cadence, the babe wept. Rarely wet times wrought Bloodshed Natures filled. Ye O 'heartbroken World scold as time went, Down the River Styx. But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, In spite lonely orphan. The silence imposed on the lips of relatives, Betrayal sought worldly sin. Day to end up like time stopped, The laughter of a child left to kill. But ye old broken clock, Nor tick tock, No cure for a bad boy. Model of the world wars inside, Lost all just a sin. The broken clock, Once marked, tac, Frozen in a single time. The long and the short is in the midnight hour, Darkness surrounds the land devour. Place the pain, the child or tears', Swept soon seduced land. But ye old broken clock, Silent Sound, or tick or tock. Quake camps USDA Agricultural Research bloodshed stain. The world erupting in the dark yet, A sick child sick timely manner. Understanding wars alike Blood-soaked earth dam Tear of a child to clean the sea, The child may be sought curse. O Ye broken clock ', Counting down tick and tock, Eradication of worldly existence. Always on time darkness stopped, Vence with them the daily slaughter, A laughing boy ending first, When the light fades, ends all time.

  • 5Can you tell me if this poem is good &rate it?

    I put this as an answer to another question , so ... Moonlight Silver light shines in the night silently , Throwing a white blaze on the sea. A high tide rolls over their plight Under a sapphire sheath . Reflections of a glass full moon , Ripples break brittle stars , Waves of impending death Breaking into a tremendous roar . The ocean crashes down on the sand In the serene night of deception . A sword treacherous dives on earth Becoming an icy slush . Finally thunderous storm leaves in the breeze , And the moonlight beacon of hope and light Begins to fade in calm seas . All that remains now is the starry night .

  • 6Do you know a good poem about Jesus?

    Do you know a good poem about Jesus ?

  • 7What are some good titles for a poem about rain?

    Write a poem about the rain the other day and I can not think of a title ... Any idea ? Feel free to write anything .. I just need a creative title !

  • 8Can you sue for being on hold during a 911 call?

    If it was something serious and that the police took too long to get there because I was on hold ? Or if you could not wait ? Could I sue because you ignored in an emergency situation ?

  • 9Conference Call Services

    What is a conference call?

  • 10What are groups you can call in the event of a natural disaster?

    I'm looking for groups that can be called in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake , a tsunami or a hurricane or something. I'm looking for in New Zealand , so things like the Earthquake Commission could be useful.

  • 11Is anyone able to call verizon cell phone users?

    There was an earthquake in Virginia a half hour and I can not get to my girlfriend or your mom . were in New Jersey and felt .

  • 12Whats happening to this place we call HOME?

    Natural diasters after another ... the tornado that devastated Myanmar ( do not know if I wrote that right ..) and now the earthquake that left hundreds of thousands homeless .. what is our world ? one by one the people are dying like this .. What can we do to stop this? Is this a sign that our world is coming to an end .. ?