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Raining dead birds mass fish die offs earth altering quakes worldwide protests What is next? related questions

  • 1Raining dead birds mass fish die offs earth altering quakes worldwide protests What is next?

    International protests And who can forget the strange missile launch off the coast of California that authorities denied was a missile Millions of sardines - lobsters seals and dead birds raining In the main news by Reuters THIS The U.S. nuclear weapons have been compromised by unidentified aerial objects * Reuters is not responsible for the content of this press release . Wed Sep 15 , 2010 11:44 am EDT 15-Sep -2010 PRN20100915 Newfoundland UFO / Missile residents want answers .. =================== Norway spiral - war all over the place , etc , etc So what is the next

  • 2Dead birds/fish, 2 earthquakes, and a flood? Am I crazy for being scared?

    In 2011 , the first news I heard was an earthquake in Illinois . Then I found the fish / birds in Arkansas , after floods in Australia , the earthquake in Chile , and now more dead birds in Louisiana and Sweden . Am I crazy to think this is just the beginning of something bigger and much worse ? I am religious , I was raised as a Roman Catholic , but have never really come to my religion . However, I do not remember any of these incidents as signs of something . I do not think it's a terrorist attack or government . I heard they found that the birds in Arkansas were killed by blunt trauma force to his internal organs . Does anyone think that other natural disasters / crazy mysteries will happen elsewhere in the world ? Seriously , I'm scared by this. Should I be and am I the only one ?

  • 3There are more dead birds today in LA... what is this?

    I just saw on the news that more birds are falling dead from the sky in large numbers in the state of Louisiana Anyone have theories ? Care to speculate ? I'm looking for the day of judgment / 2012 / space theories of alien types , but if you want to throw in your two cents , please ... mainly looking for real scientific explanations . I mean , blunt trauma is so far the probable cause ? How is that possible?

  • 4Atheists,What do you think of all the earth quakes that are happening worldwide?

    Is it just a coincidence? Or is the time of the end of this system of things , according to Bible prophecy. Matthew 24:3-14

  • 5After millions of dead fish found in LA, tsunami happened in Japan, Any connection?

    That the size of the earthquake and tsunami , why no dead fish and other marine animals found around there? Do you know what will happen .

  • 6How come Haiti has 100,000+ dead from a 7.2 earthquake while china last year had 68000 dead from a 8.0 quake?

    Is it because Haiti has many more people but the last time I checked China has the largest number of people in the world T_T

  • 7Does anyone fish on Assateague Island Maryland and do you catch a lot of fish and what kind?

    I've never ocean fishing and wondering if you can take a lot of fish ? I guess I use a top and bottom shelf with blood worms or peelers

  • 8Why the ants, birds, &some reptiles know about any big calamities like earth quake, heavy rain etc.?

    I'd like to know because if they ( ants , sheds

  • 9What are the large number of earth guakes doing to the land mass in alaska?

    land mass is moving in Alaska because all earthquakes

  • 10Suppose the moon had twice its present mass and still orbited Earth at the same distance the ocean tides would?

    one . the tide of the ocean off the moon would rise , and the tide would drop another b. ocean tides would be the same as they are now c. both ocean tides would be smaller d. the ocean tide would fall off the moon , and the tide would rise another e. both ocean tides would be higher

  • 11What is the most important, life altering experience that you have ever had?

    The most important life-altering experience I've had is not what you are probably thinking that I would say . Was Hurricane Katrina . I lost a lot of that storm . But some how things were repaired that had broken . Friendships renewed , very important to me because one after going through what we went through the realization that small differences is not worth holding on to . Friendship was so important . My mother was sick with cancer and died a few months after Katrina . Her courage in the face of a double tragedy has had a huge impact on the way I see things now . I find it interesting to see what looks like the end of the world as you know it may seem scary at once and then work to repair both after

  • 12Ramadan, protests, earthquakes, trsunami, end of world?

    The events that have occurred in the last month have not gone before. Lebonan , Tunisia and Egypt overthrew their bad governments and now Libya protests in Saudi Arabia , Bahrain . So many things on top of that earthquake in New Zealand , China , and now a 9.0 earthquake in Japan magnitue one of the largest earthquakes ever ! and tsunamis come . With all the protests and governments are toppled does it seem that the Mahdi will come? ? ?