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QDescribe what ocean and lake environments have in common?

Describe oceanic and lacustrine environments have in common

Science Grade 8. 3 points

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#1NikoAnswered at 2013-01-13 02:51:53
Lakes are defined as large bodies of water to the oceans , such as salt water ( Great Salt Lake is an example ) ( with the difference that the lake is surrounded by land - and other lakes can be fresh or brackish water ) . Both lakes and oceans have wave action , tides, and may also have . Most lakes and much of the ocean are deep enough so that the light does not penetrate to the bottom of what's different areas or habitats in each of the different species . Because larger ocean lakes affect the surrounding temperature and climate region because the water moderates fast so that air can be heated or cooled (water has a high specific heat capacity ).
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Describe what ocean and lake environments have in common?

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