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QHow can I tell if the itchiness down there is an yeast infection and not being allergic to the soap?

Hello , I've been itching minorly there lately , how I can know if I am irritated by clothing detergent and soaps that use there and not have an infection ? Different forms ? I have no discharge, nor do I have the other symptoms of itching side . I'm using a dial soap down there, and Tide detergent , too, could be washed out there too irritating ? Thanks , guys ! )

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#1Jamie ^_^Answered at 2013-01-06 18:25:58
Yes , you can wash there too - it sounds strange not .. Try changing things youre washing clothes with soap and change the use - if you stop the itching - wallah = sorted :) if you do not, then go see your family doctor , or get a cream it :) you have no other symptoms , so I doubt that it is a yeast infection - I hope you solve : x D
#2MbAnswered at 2013-08-26 09:48:33
I'm the maker/formulator/owner of a natural soap company and know quite a bit about soap! Hopefully, I can point you in the right direction, here.

I would only suspect the soap and detergent as being the cause, if you changed them recently. If you've been using them for a while, with no problems until now, they're probably not responsible.

However, even if they are not the cause, I would consider switching to natural soaps anyway. I switched away from Dial years and years ago, because I found it to be too drying and harsh. Dial is technically called a "detergent bar" because it is not a true "soap." Detergents are synthetic cleaners developed during World War I due to difficulties getting natural oils (olive, coconut, palm) shipped across the ocean. Detergents are much cheaper to manufacture than real soaps, so there is an abundance of them on the market. The main problem with detergents, is that they are so drying that the manufacturers add synthetic moisturizers to counteract the drying effect. The synthetic moisturizers are actually quite drying too (hard to believe, but true!). They seem to moisturize, because they lay layers of mineral oil or wax on top of your skin. These ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions and skin issues. These waxes (sometimes called parabens), seal your skin, block pores, and limit air flow. Detergent bars are also known for altering the skin's natural pH, which tends to be slightly acidic. This acidity helps to keep bacteria and germs away.

Natural soaps, on the other hand, clean well, and have naturally occurring glycerin in them, which is a wonderful humectant (it draws moisture to your skin). Natural soaps rinse clean, do not block pores, and maintain the natural slight-acidity of your skin. Natural soap is not drying, and is often recommended for people with sensitive skin, or skin allergies.

Switching to a natural soap will improve your skin overall, and may help you "down there" as well.

I hope something here was helpful!
#3marindaAnswered at 2013-09-29 23:00:02
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#4Lucy KingAnswered at 2013-10-29 19:40:00
Most likely if there's no discharge it's NOT a yeast infection ... however, i'm not a doctor (i've just had a lot of those...sigh.) so that still could be it. Unfortunately, it could even be something worse. you never know. Or it could just be the soap / detergent - your best set is probably to slowly phase the soap and detergent out to see if its either of them. If there's still irritation after changing soap, then you should go to a doctor.
#5ILEANAAnswered at 2013-12-13 08:39:14
There are many reasons you may have a vaginal itch. You may have a yeast infection or another type of vaginal infection, you may be allergic to the detergent your mom uses to wash your clothes, or sometimes an itch is just an itch. If you have tried some of the over-the-counter vaginal itch medications and you do not get relief, you need to ask you doctor about this.

Now, about yeast infections to help you determine if you think you have one. A yeast infection is very common form of vaginal infection. The fungus may overgrow your vagina when you take antibiotics, or the bc pill, over douche or have diabetes, wear a wet bathing suit too long or wear sweaty leotards (among other reasons). The symptoms of a yeast infection are vaginal itching, redness and intense burning, and a thick cottage-cheese like odor. It is important to see a doctor the first time you have a yeast infection to make sure you get the correct diagnosis. Once you know what the symptoms of a yeast infection are (and it was confirmed to be a yeast infection) you can try the anti-fungal medications sold in drug stores.

Good luck, Your BEINGgirl Experts
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How can I tell if the itchiness down there is an yeast infection and not being allergic to the soap?

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