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QHelp With Pokemon Team Build?

This team is for competitive play with my friends .

Tyranitar (Level 70)
Stone Edge

Gengar ( Level 69 )
Shadow Ball
dark pulse
Dream Eater

Ampharos ( Level 68 )
Signal Beam
Rain Dance

Dragonite ( Level 70 )
Dragon Dance
Aqua Tail

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
'm still undecided for my last two.
Thinking about having a Charizard / Blaziken or Swampert / Feraligator or blastoise or a good water pokemon .

Can you help me with my computer ?
What changes should I make to the pokemon or their movesets ?
For the latter two , choose a pair and tell me a good moveset for them .

Thank you !

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#1Pauline DumaAnswered at 2013-02-04 00:54:22
I think your team is good in terms of what level you are and what moves they have. For the last two, I would choose Swampert and Blaziken , just because I like Pokemon Hoenn more . ;) Swampert : Muddy Water earthquake Protect Mud Bomb Blaziken : Sky Uppercut Blaze Kick flamethrower Bulk Up
#2snowyAnswered at 2013-04-02 05:00:08
I would add Milotic blizzard Dragon pulse Hydro Mirror coat Blaziken Blaze kick Brave Bird sky uppercut earth earthquake I take out the anger Dagonite to Dragon claw / pulse, unless your holding a berry persim . other than that, have a good team . Think of some good things like berries held Lum . Hope this helps !
#3MATH PLEASE HELPAnswered at 2013-11-09 03:09:19
choose swampert over blaziken and give it a quick claw. because since it can learn ice punch it can easily cover its only weakness.

i have a level 78 swampert with earthquake, ice punch, waterfall, and stealth rock though hammer arm could be put in to deal with dark and normal types if you wish

charizard is a lot better choice then blaziken but since i've never trained one (i was to busy training bulbasuar) i have no idea what moves to teach it. though i do know he can learn air slash and flamethrower which would be good for a special sweeper or shadow claw and dragon claw for physical or mixed attacker

tyranitar-get rid of blizzard and put ice punch or even avalanche because with his higher attack it would do more damage and the accuracy just sucks

gengar- dark and ghost type are pretty much interchangable so you would be better off teaching him sludge bomb by removing dark pulse for the stab

ampharos- i've never trained one so i don't know its moves to well but you don't need two electric attacks i would get rid of thunder and rain dance and add light screen and power gem but any of these would work since being a pure electric type means his uses are limited anyway.

dragonite- change fly with aerial ace because if your in a battle with someone else and you use fly they will just swap out. also give him fire punch to help deal with his 4x weakness to ice by relpacing either aqua tail or dragon dance depending on what purpose you want him to fill. also this is just personal oppinion but id swap agua tail with waterfall since your only losing ten points in power for 10 points in accuracy.
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Help With Pokemon Team Build?

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