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QIn golden sun 2 what level do u have 2 be in 2 defeat the dragon in gaia mountain also the best strategy?

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#1AumAnswered at 2013-05-29 17:29:33
U LUCKY I A BEESTY AT ZEES GAME! SHYOKAY! You should be about a level, 25-some. I had a cursed shield and armor on Dart (Isaac/Robin) with ze awesome ring to null curse. My party was ALL Djinni (you currently have) ready to use, NOT SUMMON! (Does you have them yet??? If not, ignore this next part) With Dart, Felix, Jenna, and Piers. As each would die, I would switch out in order for dying, 1st death: Garet
2: Ivan
3: Sheba
4: Mia
GET ALOT OF MANA STUFF FOR RADICAL-HEAL (Pure Wish, best Ply{don't remember}, best Heal, Revive)]
#2kamlaAnswered at 2013-07-13 17:09:09
i think its called gaia rock but here it is:

HP: 3,536
Exp: 1,995
Coins: 2,898

Serpent is inside Gaia Rock. Before you fight him, be sure to activate all four
of the lights so he doesn't recover an insane amount of HP every turn. If all
four are activated, he only recovers 30 HP per turn. PP might be a problem if
you didn't go back to the Izumo Inn after casting Growth a million times in the
misty room maze. Unleash/set Ether in random battles on low PP characters. Or
if you did go to the Inn, activate Felix's Avoid until you get to the Serpent's
chamber. I'm assuming you reached Gaia Rock before going to Aqua Rock.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn
Felix Lv.23 Cavalier: 5 Mercury Djinn(Fog, Sour, Spring, Shade, Chill)
Jenna Lv.23 Hex: 4 Mars Djinn(Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char)
Sheba Lv.23 Mage: 4 Jupiter Djinn(Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft)
Piers Lv.23 Shaman: 5 Venus Djinn(Echo, Iron, Steel, Mud, Flower)

There are a few other Djinn that are available, but require extreme effort to
get(like Wheeze in Tundaria). You can get those if you wish, though you will
probably pass by them later in your quest. Anyway, give Jenna and Sheba at
least 3 Antidotes each, Felix and Piers know Cure Poison. He is weak to Wind
but resistant to Earth.

Turn 1(and all following turns):
Felix casts Cutting Edge/Ply Well/Wish Well
Jenna unleashes Djinn for a Level 4 summon
Sheba unleashes Djinn for ONE Level 4 summon, then casts High Impact/Tornado
Piers attacks or casts Cure Well/Wish Well

Serpent attacks twice per turn. He can cast Cure Well on himself, so be
careful. He knows several group damaging attacks, such as Black Ice and Quake
Sphere, but the most annoying is Toxic Breath. Have Sheba and Jenna use
Antidotes if Piers has to Wish. If one person is damaged, cast Cure or Ply, not
Wish. His Mighty Press does serious damage to one character and can even
instantly down that character. If that happens, Felix Revives while Piers casts
Wish. With all Djinn set, Jenna also has group healing spells, so have that as
an option too. At level 26, Sheba will learn the powerful Shine Plasma, so you
can think about that too. When Sheba unleashes Ether, use it on Felix or Piers
if they need some extra Psynergy.
#3ravAnswered at 2013-11-19 04:19:30
use cheat codes
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In golden sun 2 what level do u have 2 be in 2 defeat the dragon in gaia mountain also the best strategy?

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