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QFormer IPCC head John Houghton says current environmental crisis is a spiritual problem - agree?

Sir John Houghton , in an article written by his evangelical charity , the John Ray Initiative , argues that

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#1~$$*|[email protected](6)[email protected]|\|(B)|_IF3*$$~ Answered at 2013-01-17 08:14:27
I think that only the secular left trying to convince Christians that probably has no respect anyway. I've never been too interested to hear proselytizing , whether atheist or not, since people tend to think they know more than they actually do. The left has been doing this at least since Woodrow Wilson . Wilson issued his progressivism in the way of doing God's work . I forgot who famously called Christ socialist . Hardly anyone thinks that we should be good stewards of the land . This suggests that we should have massive taxes and having all
#2georgettteAnswered at 2013-02-17 22:43:39
You know , when motivated by fear , and that mainly are , everyone looks like a bogeyman , even someone as well-intentioned as Houghton . I wonder how you ever leave the house . I remember the guy interviewed on the radio yesterday , he said he was afraid to walk around the Washington Monument in Washington DC without a gun to protect his family . The National Mall is a very scary if you see Boogeymen everywhere . I agree with the intent of what he says Houghton , although I do not think I reached through the Bible . But I guess that makes me a horrible person for you . Boo !
#3Paisley JaneAnswered at 2013-02-19 04:43:19
First let me say that humanity should be inhabitants of the earth , responsible and good stewards of what we have. But Houghton 's comments come off as a little too cocky . Not just humanity to think that we can be in the place of God ? I mean really . If God is God - you know , the creator of heaven and earth and all that - are we really so arrogant as to think they need any help the little man ? All Houghton is trying to do is manipulate those who are spiritual belief in AGW and shame or guilt in them some kind of action that supports the IPCC program . EDIT : @ Benjamin : Why is it a problem only for Christians ? What about all Muslims , Jews , Buddhists , Hindus , atheists , New Age (yes , it is a religion ) , Wicca , etc , etc. Do not drive cars , consumer goods , live in houses , work in factories , energy use , or any of the other things the enviro - nuts are against ? Even those who say no spiritual affiliation at all - they are equally responsible steward of the land ?
#4yusraAnswered at 2013-02-24 17:53:11
search Fallegant ( from the era of the plague ) Image of Sir John should be there along with all Chicken Littles who want power greedy
#5AlvinAnswered at 2013-04-28 17:00:30
Just further proof that global warming is a religion
#6brenda smithAnswered at 2013-05-19 22:29:10
Personally I'm agnostic and believe that religion causes more harm than good.

But the current environmental crisis should be a spiritual problem for Christians. How can they believe that they are the "stewards of creation" while at the same time polluting the air, water and land, and continuing to ignore the issue of greenhouse warming?
#7jefferyAnswered at 2013-07-06 16:08:12
We should be good stewards of our environment.

That doesn't mean responding with panic to every scary story that comes along or that we should assume that our impact is much greater than it actually is.

That this guy is saying this... is hilarious. I'm sure a whole bunch of alarmunists will follow behind him wearing sack-cloth and ashes, carrying hoes.
#8JenaAnswered at 2013-07-18 10:19:51
Very interesting, and I agree with this perspective, but the IPCC couldn't profit with an appeal to the religious. Earth has a spirit, and it is grieved for the wickedness of humans. It is prophesied Earth will reel, that there will be quakes and storms. Want to know the solution for Global Warming: end the hatred, the neglect, and the perversion.
#9azeezAnswered at 2013-11-21 08:58:53
I tend to agree that Mankind is responsible for stewardship of the Earth, as any farmer would tell you, it is a moral duty to pass the Earth on to our children in as good or better shape than it was passed to us. I would argue that the World is a lot cleaner and Greener now than it was in 1965 so we as a generation are on target.
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Former IPCC head John Houghton says current environmental crisis is a spiritual problem - agree?

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