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QDoes my pokemon party need improving?

I have a Sceptile : . Earthquake frenzy plant , pass false, dragon claw ,

I have a Swampert : . hydro cannon , surf , cloudy water , double edged
I have a Blaziken : . overheat , flamethrower , fire kick , double kick
I have a arceus : . judgment , ice beam fly rockslide
I have a Rotom : download , omnious wind, lightning , thunder .
and I have a Toxicroak : . slurry pump , explosion Focus, Focus blow melee

all are LV100 and am not sure if they are good or not.

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#1GaveenAnswered at 2013-01-29 19:24:03
arceus need a lot of improvement 's first ice fly or rockslide second dark plate because then any movement must find and dark PL NO POKEMON BATTLE FOR HM
#2MAKITAAnswered at 2013-03-04 16:31:39
#3Jamie-LeeAnswered at 2013-03-08 00:34:37
Your team is good , but change ............ Change to a celebi Sceptile with Leaf Storm moves , Energy Ball , Giga Solorbeam and Impact . Your Swampert is fine, but double-edged change for Giga Impact . I have one on my team Blazicen too! Nows Mine Fire punch, kick Blaze , Brave Bird and Sky uppercut . Arceus is fine, but change your Blizzard ice beam and take your fly and rock climbing and teacht what Dragon Pulse and Hyperbeam . Change Rotom Raikou or Raichou and teach Thunder , Shockwave , and Iron download queue . Your Toxicroack right! My team are all level 100 and are ................. Rayquaza : Outrage , Hyperbeam , overheating , Blizzard . Steelix : . Hyperbeam , double-edged , earthquakes , explosions Charizard : . Burn Card , Flamethrower , Fly , Fire Blast Zapdos : Thunder , Lightning , Shockwave , Drill Peck . Blazicen :. Fire punch, kick Blaze bird Uppercut , Brave Blastoise : Hydro Cannon , Hydro Pump , Mega kick , Surf .
#4vannyAnswered at 2013-03-14 18:24:16
It has stunning abiltys does have a good party
#5lilltAnswered at 2013-04-11 23:01:45
go to the pasture and all Pokémon you see you do not have , catch it. If you've got it , finish ' em off or flee
#6shkhanAnswered at 2013-08-09 12:48:52
you should change your rotom. i think it has way too many electric moves. you should teach it some dark or ghost moves, like shadow ball.

dont use HMs on your battle pokemon. use them on weaker pokemon who can learn them, not on arceus.

i think you should take swamperts surf or muddy water and replace it with earthquake, so you have different type moves.

you have an awesome team, but when making a pokemon team, balance the pokemon with different type moves, so it can survive on its own. ex. you tought your sceptile earth quake, so it can beat fire type pokemon without having to switch to a different pokemon.

*also these are suggestions, you do not have to follow them*
#7ROSIEFEAnswered at 2013-12-16 07:29:31
Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just one thing DON'T PUT HM MOVES ON YOUR GOOD POKEMON.Use weaker types that can learn the moves.Your pokemon are way to good for that.I have a blaziken with the exact same attacks but not double kick if you taught it sky uppercut it will be one of the best pokemon you have!Other than that your fine.
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Does my pokemon party need improving?

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