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How would earthquake scientist fare in the BIG BANG group? related questions

  • 1How would earthquake scientist fare in the BIG BANG group?

    Scientists are predicting a major earthquake in California , an asteroid striking Earth but how your rate experience in a duel with BIG BANGERS ?

  • 2Why are BIG BANG scientist held to a much higher standard than other field of studies?

    Earth Science earthquake , tornado and hurricane scientist has almost zero percent accuracy predict but why expect major BANGERS 100%? Medical scientist also seem to have many failures .

  • 3What job does and earthquake scientist do?

    lengthy descriptions intersting and I'll award the BEST BEEEEAAAASST BRST a response , the 10 most important points ;) . I just want to know all the descriptions of Ur a earthwquake scientst please , thanks! !

  • 4Are scientist predicting a major earthquake for california?

    Are scientist predict an earthquake in California ?

  • 5The big bang made easy?

    heya Can anyone explain the Big Bang 4 me trying 2 divide by what has sence please? U could also try to explain why the theory of the movement of the earth's crust ( DRIFT CONTINENTUAL ) was not accepted genrally untill many years after it was proposed ? why cant accuratly scientists say when volcanoes and earthquakes will happen? what is changing the Earth's atmosphere all the time and the history of the atmosphere ? thank you very much if you can help me im so confused : S xxx

  • 6How did mohammed know about big bang and the orbits?

    I'm a little confused because these things were unknow until recent centuries , but the time of Muhammad was 1400 years ago 21:30] Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth used to be a solid mass that exploded into existence? And from water we made ​​all living things . You think so? [ 21:31 ] And we placed on earth stabilizers , lest they fall with them , and we put it right ways , so they can be guided . [ 21:32 ] And We made ​​the sky a protected ceiling . However, they are completely oblivious to all the omens in it. [ 21:33] And He it is Who created the night and the day , and the sun and the moon , each floating in its own orbit . [ 21:34] We never decreed immortality for anyone before you, you must die , are immortal ? [ 21:35] Every soul shall taste death , after being tested in adversity and prosperity , and to us that ultimately return . .. .

  • 7The cause of Earth Quake in Haiti was because of the BiG BAng experiment?

    What began in 2008 , is this true ? they are showing this news in TV INDIA

  • 8Muslims,have you ever known that the big bang is actually mentioned in the Holy Quran? ?

    I've always been a believer , and I 've always believed that the Koran is the word of God . but I've been very upset lately because of the things my teachers say about religions.They think that the big bang is proof that God does not exist , but look what I found ! Chapter 21: The Prophets Do not the unbelievers that the heavens and the earth were of one piece , then We separated , and we made every living thing of water ? You will not believe ? (30) And we have put into the hills of the mainland to avoid quake with them , and have put in ravines as roads that they can find their way . (31) And We made the sky a roof withheld ( from them ) . But ignore their omens . (32) And He it is Who created the night and the day , and the sun and moon . They float each in an orbit . (33) My God, this is wonderful , so wonderful .... I really wanted to share this with you !

  • 9How do scientist study the Earth?

    Give me some examples

  • 10Scientist earth quake prediction?

    What is a scientific method used to predict earthquakes

  • 11How far in advance do the scientist, who whom ever, tracks the earth quakes, know before it happens?

    How early do the scientist that ever, it tracks earthquakes , know before it happens ?

  • 12How scientist have calculated the size and weight of the earth, moon and the sun?

    As a scientist has calculated the size and weight of the earth , moon and sun ?