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QHow would earthquake scientist fare in the BIG BANG group?

Scientists are predicting a major earthquake in California , an asteroid striking Earth but how your rate experience in a duel with BIG BANGERS ?

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#1Martina FordeAnswered at 2013-02-21 18:55:35
How's the basketball team Los Angeles fare in a duel with Buddhism ? Your question makes no sense or is tragically incomplete . The Big Bang theory is about how the universe evolves in very large scale . Even the mere galaxies are too small for the Big Bang theory to apply . Indeed , the prediction that California could have an earthquake or earth could be hit by an asteroid does not require much knowledge . Foregone conclusions based on statistics alone . The real problem is to predict when and where. For earthquakes , we know that there are on average 3 per day on Earth . To hit Earth asteroids (at least a little to cause serious injury) , we have to wait millions of years apart. Obviously not the same kind of statistics .
However, in each case , the fear generated may be sufficient to extract money from the government for the proposed investigation. ' Big Bangers ' can not generate that kind of fear , so you do not get the same level of funding instinctive .
#2imaniAnswered at 2013-03-26 22:58:38
What? How are these issues vaguely related ?
#3AanthonyAnswered at 2013-06-26 16:48:58
They would be like babes in the woods.
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How would earthquake scientist fare in the BIG BANG group?

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