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QIs this a good team for pokemon platinum?

So these are the movements

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#1AlejandroAnswered at 2013-01-28 01:15:16
safely , maintain and electrivire Tyranitar and Charizard . Change Honchkrow with Crobat . swithc his Aggron with Sinnoh , as Bronzong . Keep Gallade
#2douglasAnswered at 2013-10-17 16:59:24
tyranitar- keep crunch and earthquake. add stone edge and fire punch. make sure that its ability is sand stream
electivire- *face palm* well thunder is a no-no to electivire since he has a terrible sp. atk. better use the sweeper strategy: earthquake, ice punch, thunder punch, and cross chop. give life orb
aggron- i think rampardos was better? well its ok. i think he has a terrible speed, right? better give choice scarf and teach aqua tail, double edge/head smash, stone edge and earthquake. make sure its ability was rock head. anyway you already have rock type so better drop for grass type. leafeon is a good choice since you dont have baton passer/supporter. teach baton pass, swords dance, leaf blade, synthesis.
chariard- magma storm? wtf! or do you mean heat wave? drop flamethrower for steel wings to counter rock type
honchkrow- another flying type and dark type o.O so imbalance! drop for ghost type or a bulky water. better use wailren with substitute, surf/ice beam, toxic and hail
gallade- for me sweeper is the best strategy for him. add swords dance, night slash, psycho cut and close combat
#3GuidaAnswered at 2013-11-08 19:48:12
Tyranitar's Good

Give Electivire a more powerful electric type attack (Thunder anyone???)

Replace Meteor Mash with Iron Tail or Iron Head

Charizard's Fine

Give Honchkrow Steel Wing (repel those rock types) instead of superpower

Give Gallade Cross Chop instead of Close Combat

Hope This helps!
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Is this a good team for pokemon platinum?

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