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Q900 earth quakes at yellow stone since 1/17/2010! is the big one on the way?

900 earthquakes in yellow stone from 17/01/2010 ! is the largest in the road ?

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#1CymieAnswered at 2013-02-07 13:44:27
The media is on a rampage to frighten the world . I'm almost sure of it . Since the earthquake in Haiti, everyone seems to be in the forefront and the media is simply taking advantage of the situation . Aftershocks occur daily . As mention Mark V , the technology used to monitor seismic activity is extermly sensative . Yes , a big one is coming. When? Nobody knows, it could be today , tomrorow , next year or the next 3 billion years ....
#2ms bootsAnswered at 2013-09-27 14:19:41
I would be much more concerned if all these little earthquakes STOPPED!!.... as long as things are able to relieve pressures here and there, it's not acting like a cork stopper and damming up pressures that will be looking for a place to BLOW.....
#3AylaAnswered at 2013-12-02 02:29:41
yes. and I WOULD be afraid.
2012 isn't just a act..its been a theory since the begining of time...
einstien even supported it.
but then again i actually wouldnt worry about it cause your gonna die in two years anyway.
#4aNoNyMoUs <3Answered at 2013-12-17 21:09:14
Yeah, I wouldn't be afraid. Here in Southern California, we have thousands of earthquakes, almost all of them imperceptible even to animals. Modern seismometers record ground motion as small as 1 nanometer - that's one-billionth of a meter, which is very, very small. Your "average germ" is 1,000 nanometers. So measuring earthquakes has become a very precise science, which has produced readings of many more earthquakes.

Yellowstone is alive. Its caldera "breathes." It rises as gas pressure builds up, those gases are released quietly into hot springs, geysers, or directly vented, and the caldera flexes down. These motions create seismic activity - which I'm pretty sure that none of us felt any of those 900 earthquakes (if that's a real number - I sure couldn't find it).

So no, there is no imminent supervolcanic Yellowstone eruption. In fact, I personally believe that if there's going to be another eruption, it's a long way off... if it happens at all.
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900 earth quakes at yellow stone since 1/17/2010! is the big one on the way?

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