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QRate my new pokemon diamond team??

I'm done with the pokemon league and this is my new team I'm still up to them though. = )

Name : Feraligatr
Move Set: . Aqua Tail , Crunch , Dragon Claw , Superpower
Capacity: Torrent
Item: Focus Sash
Lv . 56

Name : Umbreon (Shiny )
Move Set: . Psychic Shadow ball Dark Pulse , Iron Tail
Ability : Synchronize
Keep Article : Wide
Lv . 55

Name : Typhlosion
Move Set: . Lava Plume Earthquake, Shadow Claw , Focus Blast ,

Ability: Blaze
Keep Article : Wide
Lv . 54

Name : Miltank
Move Set: . Earthquake, Zen Headbutt , Dizzy Punch , Brick Break
Capacity: Scrappy
Hold Item : Leftovers
Lv . 53

Name : Blissey
Move Set: . Psychic, Thunderbolt, Softboiled , Hyperbeam
Ability : Serene Grace
Keep Article : Wide
Lv . 52

Name : Glaceon
Move Set: . Ice Beam , Shadow Ball , Take Down , Water Pulse
Ability : Snow Cloak
Hold Item : Leftovers
Lv . 52

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#1Pat RickAnswered at 2013-01-03 17:38:45
Yourteam is very good, but not October 10
Just cuz they ar not all lv 100 I've never seen anyone with a decent Milktank and yours is pretty good . Unfortunately , 4 of the 6 pokemon have a weakness in the fight against type . None of his pokemon are not that great either fight against type . Miltank suggest replacing with a strong fight -resistant type of flight . Togekiss , Lugia , or Moltres is a good idea. Lugia is the best choice If you can get lugia , give hydro pump , earthquake , and attack psychoboost sky. make it hold white grass to help boost psychopath . Togekiss could have magic leaves , ancient power , and sky attack extreme speed or want to use Moltres heatwave , sunny day , Solarbeam , Sky Attack well your team is almost perfect . Hope that helped !
#2SushilAnswered at 2013-01-07 18:08:49
Feraligatr aquatail to lose icefall and punch superpower
#3TechnoBoi11Answered at 2013-03-12 09:51:40
Wow I would rate a 10 lol that would basically my team .
#4MondoAnswered at 2013-06-06 09:49:33
great team but even if they were lv 100 i'd still win
#5Physics PLEASEAnswered at 2013-08-11 08:38:30
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Rate my new pokemon diamond team??

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