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QPokemon white registeel move set?

I know I've asked a lot of questions , but which of these 2 games are better movement

Zap Cannon
Charge beam
Earth Power

Zap cannon works well with gravity, which in turn works great with land power . Then do charge only helps to save energy boost.


Zap Cannon
Hone claws
icy wind
Drain punch

Hone claws attack and increases accuracy to help zap cannon and drain punch ( good for getting health back ) , then I would have him cold wind , as it is well on the ground , you get two Pokemon in doubles and always low speed .

This is for a kind of double battle , what do you think ?

His special attack is 135 @ level 50 , so you can do some damage . If I could some movement in the game , would give , any movement in all games, including those who do not learn ?

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#1kathiAnswered at 2013-09-17 17:08:36
I'd choose the second one. Zap Cannon and Drain Punch are both really useful moves and Hone Claws that increase accuracy is killer combination. Icy wind is also a useful move, since ice is the move type that is super effective to the most types of pokemon.
#2bwbAnswered at 2013-10-10 08:29:13
I would like to have "moveset 2" since Honeclaw increases Accuracy Zap cannon will have great chance of landing.
Icy wind is also good since its strong against Ground registeel is weak against Ground. You could use Blizzard.
Use Earth quake or Stone Edge.
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Pokemon white registeel move set?

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