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Pakistan is a wonderful country.In west there has developed a dislike for Pakistan.Iwant to know why? related questions

  • 1Pakistan is a wonderful country.In west there has developed a dislike for Pakistan.Iwant to know why?

    There comes a time in history in a certain place or people is strongly disliked.In Pakitan for a number of dogmas and hidden predujices painting a negative picture of land.I to think that all these myths and dogmas is fought if the exchanged views .

  • 2Does anyone in Pakistan believe in Divine retribution?

    Pakistan trains terrorists and denies it. Pakistani ISI supports the Taliban and deny it . Pakistan helps Jehadis targeted raids and terror in Kashmir denies . The list can go on and on .... Leader of Pakistan thanked the Prime Minister of Great Britain for help during last year's earthquake in the country , which killed 73,000 people .

  • 3My nieghber went to pakistan and has not came back yet?

    She said she went to ( Lubye ) but I need to know if your current spelling was affected by the earthquake .

  • 4Earth quake in Pakistan?

    designate areas affected by the earthquake

  • 5$750,Million for Tribal Regions of Pakistan in Next 5 Years? Can we buy loyalty?

    I just heard on the news that the government of Pakistan is offering $ 750million of our tax dollars to Pakistan for distribution in the tribal regions of Waziristan troubled ? Total population of Waziristan is less than 3 million = . Why should we reward a child who misbehaves ? An offer of $ 25 million to combat consumption of Bin Laden has not born any results , why we believe that offering $ 50/person help ? How are we going to ensure that this money is not going in the wrong hands , remember the earthquake in Pakistan most of the money went to Jamat e Islami aid a terrorist organization in what the FBI , CIA and Interpol are concerned .

  • 6Since the independence of pakistan what have the pakistanese gained and lost uptill now?

    Since the independence of Pakistan have lost livestock and pakistanese uptill now?

  • 7List of Donors for victum of Earth Quake in Pakistan?

    Can any body give me place or a list of donors around the world to see the Earth Quake disaster area . People are still very poor even get right foods to eat to survive . without clothes and other necessities . They need help from your side . If you can not send a new used things for them to survive .

  • 8Earth quake didaster in garhi habib ullah pakistan?

    I had a friend of mr garahi Imtiaz Habib Tanoli ullah.if any body can tel me how I can track him.because this is the city that is completely distroyed by earthquake last year .

  • 9Earthquakes- what can be done to prevent further damage. PAKISTAN observes the 1st Anniv of last yr quake?

    October 8, 2005 was the day when a high intensity earthquake of magnitude 7.2 shook northern Pakistan , including Islamabad Capital Territory , Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas . More than 55,000 people were killed and around 2000 still remains unknown . This was described by many as the worst disaster to strike Pakistan after independence and was the worst natural disaster of magnitude higher than the Quetta earthquake struck in 1930 before indep .

  • 10Can India and Pakistan work to gather to wipe out terrorism on their soils?

    We see that when people on both sides were affected by the disasters of a similar nature at the same time , we shed our differences and help each other without prejudice. For example , . Earthquake in Kashmir , now diasaster Samjutha Why only now permantantly why not ?

  • 11Am an experienced all round social worker. I want to work with a foriegn NGO in Pakistan. Pl Help me.?

    I am a social worker with experience. In Zione earthquake in Pakistan, a foreign NGO I work for more and more experience . Can any body help me to make my contacts with them .

  • 12Do u disagree or agree about this wonderful machine?

    Scientists are going a bit too far . They want to dig to the core of the Earth to see how the earth was made , but also want to know if there is an energy that can not use.So Wit will dig this big machine . http://file.shanghaidaily . com / news / Image ... Visit the website will show tha the machine and I agree , because the land could explolde , land and animals could die because of the time , the lava can go , and the earth quakes could come . This is very bad because the scientist is wondering if we could dig all die and are willing to take that risk . much you agree or agree