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QYoung-Earth Creationists: how do you explain the vast timescales in Hindu mythology?

If the Earth is 6000 years , why are the cycles of billions of years cosmonogy present in Indian? Since Hindu civilization dates back to 4000 BC, they would not have known that the Earth was young , had been created recently?

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#1DancerAnswered at 2013-01-23 01:17:12
Is it possible that God made the world seem much older than 6000 years , to shame the bad ?
#2beckiiAnswered at 2013-02-06 21:40:03
You're not very smart . To compare a religious belief system against another is idiotic . It would be like comparing the number of deities in acient greece against those in Christianity today and then try to use this to refute the idea of a trinity . How can one prove you wrong ? Not only Christians but a whole. Both are taken on faith and have no concrete eveidence . EDIT : Understood . However, there were people int eh Middle East before this. The Jewish faith , was born in the Middle East and has a belief that God created the world about 6 -10K years. People then spread from there . Since a Christian has its roots in the Jewish faith , believe that creation took place within a period of time. The world was destroyed by a flood leaving Noah and his family to resolve the Middle East ( which has been widely execpted and the birthplace of humanity ) . People then spread from there around the same time the Indian is known to be installed in India . This then does not say anything about what Hindus knew about creation unless you can also provide details on how they came to India . I do not deny that Hindus existed about 5500BC , however I challenge his belief of billions of years in Hindu cosmology . You are Hindus nor provide any evidence of it , but uses faith to except . Therefore can not be used as evidence to discredit faith young earth creationist .
#3immsAnswered at 2013-02-22 04:10:07
The answer to the question at hand can be very long , because you have been asked very important phenomenon on Earth . As for Earth Science Geology is considered even young science . As for earthquake prediction have no scientific prediction as death , science has written death will occur in a given place and time. I myself study of the predictions of the earth and found the total probability
#4mariyamAnswered at 2013-02-22 13:06:36
Who said the earth was only 6,000 years old? His intention to be 4.5 billion years!
#5suzAnswered at 2013-02-25 09:12:55
Was not assign opium used during those times ? It is the Word of God and not of men . Men have been trying to do for God , think of God from the beginning. The devil told Adam and Eve that if she ate the forbidden fruit they would become like God , become gods . The man has been believing this lie since. Let God be true and every man a liar .
#6Joe JoeAnswered at 2013-05-06 15:29:51
Satan .... Do I have to say more?
#7TherisaAnswered at 2013-10-03 02:49:09
Well, Hinduism can be pretty fantastical in its numbers but, with all that, they are still closer than the insultingly stupid age of 6000 years for the earth.
#8AlstoAnswered at 2013-10-06 14:09:06
I always thought that God put Hindus on earth to test my faith. I also think I have a better chance of winning the lottery if I pick my lucky numbers.
#9SherifAnswered at 2013-11-16 06:58:21
For those who believe that is as young as 6000 to a million year old, large numbers are beyond comprehension. Even for Greeks, any number bigger than 10,000 was infinite.

Hindu estimates maybe not be 100% accurate, but they are not 100% wrong like that of xianity.
#10CorneliuAnswered at 2013-12-27 04:48:34
Hinduism? To the Young-Earth Creationist, it belongs In the doesn't-exist jar, along with evolution, carbon-dating, fossils, reality, etc.
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Young-Earth Creationists: how do you explain the vast timescales in Hindu mythology?

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