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QHow do i beat elite four for pokemon diamond and how do i levelup fast wthout cheats or rare candies?

can someone please help me?
My current pokemon elite four is
Torterra lvl 65 knows strength, rock breaking , rock climbing and cut so I can not change any of their movements with sadness .
Magmortar lvl 50 knows flamethrower , physchic , hyper beam , solar beam .
Floatzel lvl 40 knows Aqua Jet , crunch, surf , and waterfall.
Electivire lvl 50 ThunderPunch knows ice punch, cross chop and earthquake.
Steelix lvl 46 dragon breath knows , Iron Tail , crunch and dark pulse
and dialga lvl 52 knows metal claw, AncientPower , dragon claw and roar of time
Also can anyone tell me a quick way to level up my pokemon wityhout sweet rare birds or traps or without fighting pokemon ( if you can , of course )

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#1just a studentAnswered at 2013-01-11 13:10:11
You can train your pokemon on the island of Hierro , and the Seven Stars Restaurant . Also the use of bait and switch and use a strong pokemon at the head of his team , and equip a weaker pokemon with exp share .
#2GeorgeAnswered at 2013-03-04 02:01:07
Torterra movements change : Go to Canalave city , use the Deleter movement . He can delete HM moves your Pokémon . Take your Floatzel route near the sun .. er , any city and the battle there with wild pokemon .
#3MercieAnswered at 2013-04-03 19:01:59
uh look at my profile , one of my answers are similar to this, (too lon to write put it) or email
#4IvanAnswered at 2013-04-10 19:54:42
honestly ur team kinda sucks , but it'll probably still work. Getting everyone to at least 50 and your good. Use the form vs but I'm not sure what the ideal place to go is xp . Torterra .... do not use it in the elite four as hes just a bitch HM Magmortar .... hyper beam and beam sun = bad on set . only use SB if someones with sunny days and do not just hyper . go with the approach and the explosion of lightning or something. Floatzel .... get rid of surf , and hm so not important , it must be a whore . Also his special attack used for everything else . you prolly should use brick break or return instead. Electivire .... I have no complaints at all with this dialga ... should be fine, do not touch my movements palkias and killed half of the four elite for me . Also remember to always carry some revives and potions several .
#5DetriaAnswered at 2013-07-18 07:09:41
sorry but ur team isnt very good
for torterra there is a way to get rid of those annoyin HM moves. Go to the move deleter in Canalave city. He's in one of the houses below the pokemon center, cant remember which one though but he's easy to find. When u forgot ur HM moves go to Pastoria city with some heart scales nd near the gym theres this guy in a house who will help to relearn moves. Heart scales can be found in the underground.
When i challenged the league my torterra was bout the same lvl and he knew rock climb, razor leaf, earthquake, stone edge

Fo magmorter hyper beam is too much of a risk. Teach it sunny day cos then solarbeam wont hav to charge up nd flamethrower would get a boost

Floatzel is awesome pokemon. You might want to get rid of a water attack attack and replace it with something of a different typew to add more diversity

Never had an electivire but urs looks pretty decent

Steelix learns stone edge on lvl 49 so teach it that cos its heaps strong

For dialga teach it flash cannon or iron tail instead of metal claw

Use exp share to train ur pokemon cos they need to be much higher lvls. In case u didnt know the exp share can be found in a house i think near the bottom left corner of eterna city. If not its definantly in that area somewhere. Just train in victory road or use the vs seeker against some strong opponents. My favourite way to train is just keep battlin the pokemon league. You may lose several times but its good trainin plus then you find ur weak spots that u need to cover so u can eventually beat the pokemon league and continue on to the battle tower
#6RaeAnneAnswered at 2013-09-12 23:39:12
you have to battle pokemon to train!

And if you wanna train fast go to victory rd and train there.

or get action replay,
If you do get this I'll tell you how to use it and it's codes just email me

here is my team when I defeated the elite 4:
lucario lvl 76
Empoleon lvl 93
Dialga lvl 81
Carnivine lvl 69
Girantina lvl 72
Swampert lvl 100

they are at a quite high level so you need to train to high levels.
also in the elite 4 I used:
14 revives
2 max revives
16 leppa berries! (I kept getting poisoned)

if you want any more help with your game just email me and I will help you with that!

#7Shivansh TomarAnswered at 2013-10-04 12:28:19
you totally messed up your toterra sadly but you dont really need a grass i had a luxray,straraptor,empoleon,diaga, and thats all i can remember but you can train your floatzel more to level 53 at least and steelix too
#8PaceAnswered at 2013-10-19 16:09:26
you should put it to lv 70 all my pokemon are the starter ones
#9BaBaAnswered at 2013-12-21 12:59:09
level up ur torterra and floatzel 2 70`s, then get ghost &fire pokemon in 70`s. maybe also bring dialga &steelix. bring them 2 pokemon daycare &lvl up. thats only way without rare candys and cheats. sorry. :( but u can change torterras moves. there all hm`s which u can use again and again. its tm`s that u cant. teach torterra the fallowing moves. (keep cut). razor leaf, leaf storm, grass knot. grass knot is more effective the heavier the pokemon u use it on. i won the pokemon league using only 3 pokemon. torterra, the moves i wrote above. lvl74. charizard, heat wave, flare blitz, flamethrower, fire fang, lvl71 palkia, water pulse, ancient power, dragon claw, spacial rend, lvl70. bring around 17 of every status healer, bring lots of pp restores, bring lots of max potions, around 40, (it may seem crazy, but when i had beaten the pokemon league that day, i only had around 18 left.) make sure 2 bring loads of revives and if u have any max revives left in ur bag, be sure not 2 waste them. u really need 2 prepare &save poke money 4 all of this but in the end its worth it and best of luck!!!!!!! :)
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How do i beat elite four for pokemon diamond and how do i levelup fast wthout cheats or rare candies?

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