Earth Questions

Can you tell me one specific instance where science was or being used to make decisions? related questions

  • 1Can you tell me one specific instance where science was or being used to make decisions?

    this is a homework question . Please answer I'm already 2 weeks due to this question alone. HELP ME !

  • 2What should i make for my science project?

    I have to do a 3D model of a geological process and I can not decide between making a tsunami or a glacier ! choose one and tell me why and talk about them , so I know good information and tips! thx

  • 3What is Life science, Earth science and Physical science. Please tell me in detail?

    What is the main idea of the subject , topices studied in this field and tell pleast Wahat races are in the field . Please ! ! ! ! I need to know these things please! ! !

  • 4Is there anywhere in the bible that a specific earthquake happens at a certain time?

    Is there anywhere in the Bible that a specific earthquake occurs at a particular time ?

  • 5From a Biblical perspective, what specific current events lead you to believe we are in the end times?

    From a biblical standpoint , what specific current events suggest that we are in the end times?

  • 6Sonar and radar were developed to solve specific problems during the wartime conditions. Now one of the most..?

    .. common scientific uses of sound echoing technology is F : collecting data on tides and currents G : locate deposits of fossil fuels H : calculate the correct satellite orbits Earth J : deep ocean trenches and plains map

  • 7For class me and my partner have to make a cereal box house that will survive a earthquake .How do u make that?


  • 8Can you help me with science? PLease?

    1. List examples of water damage and how humans try to prevent damage . Information: floods, landslides and tsunamis . And I know the human attempt to avoid this damage . I need more examples . Can you give me a little more and also tell me how humans to avoid those? 2. Are some of the ways in which humans try to prevent damage caused by water create other problems ? Select and discuss some examples . Information: Humans try to prevent flooding by building levees and dikes . All I know is I do not know how two.But dikes and dams create problems . But I can tell you how to build small beach . Here : The levees , land long walls are built along the banks parallel to a river . They are designed to keep the river contained during the flood . The levees protect the land that has been donated to the sea. Poeple also bulid levees around their homes and villages when a flood threat. That's all I know . Except this, I need more examples and create problems . Please help me !

  • 9Please help on science..?

    which makes it spread - fllor scientific evidence for seafloor spreading ? explain what the land plates float on explain what a subduction zone is explain why the west coast of British Columbia is at risk of a earthquick in the near future ?

  • 10Science help.....?

    Well , I'm making this package and I forgot to bring my book home , but I have my notes and used the computer. I can not find a couple of questions . I need to know the evidence supporting continental drift . I need to have 4 and 3 . He fossils - whick were discovered in South America and Africa in a Mesosaurus . found only there. The climate of Greenland is covered with ice , however , fossils of tropical plants can be found there.And the last I have is geology rocks found in brazil matching rocks found in western Africa. I need one more. I also need to know this ... What are the flaws and where they are ? Why do most earthquakes occur at plate boundaries ? The next question says I need to fill the table describing the types of movements along faults . I need three movements and for each direction of movement tel exampleof specific soil and formation caused by this movement . Another is ... An earthquake after a major earthquake is called what? The latter is the way to deter scientists

  • 11Science.??

    How do scientists determine the structure and composition of the earth . ?

  • 12Science help?

    Scientists have been predicting a major earthquake in Southern California for years . The area has been experiencing a lot of small earthquakes (measuring 1-4 on the Richter scale ) . Are these tremors increase the likelihood of a major earthquake or decrease the risk of a major earthquake in the near future ? one . increase because the tremors are indicators that the rocks are under stress and will soon launch its b. tremors are decreasing because the shape of the rocks to release your stress a little at a time instead of all at once in a big earthquake c. decrease because the rocks can bend and change only both d. decrease , because there has been a considerable amount of seismic activity and there is a great earthquake is bound to happen somewhere else first