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QHas there ever been an Earth Quake in southeast Texas (Houston Texas Area) ?

Has there ever been an earthquake in southeast Texas ( Houston Area Texas ) ?

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#1rowloAnswered at 2013-01-07 01:05:27
For an earthquake happen must be rock . There is a rock in the Houston area for a real earthquake is rare . But May 's active faults in the Houston area . These are due to sediments slide into the Gulf of Mexico . Most of these failures falls east southeast. The movement along these failures are very slow and gentle .
Houston area has a lot of salt mines . When groundwater comes into contact with the salt , which is removed by washing . This makes the caverns and housing space for the floor to move. If a collapse much , I can see that there is a very small earthquake . Probably nothing more than a 2.0 though. This earthquake size will go unnoticed by most people .
#2AlinaAnswered at 2013-03-06 06:31:39
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#3insertmynamehereAnswered at 2013-11-18 01:29:22
In historical times no earthquake with magnitude larger than about 6 has occurred in Texas. However, seismographs near El Paso record small earthquakes with magnitude of 2 or smaller every few days. Nearly every year earthquakes large enough to be felt by ordinary citizens occur somewhere in Texas.

The largest earthquake in Texas history had a magnitude of about 6.0 and occurred on 16 August 1931 near the town of Valentine, 220 km southeast of El Paso. It caused severe damage to adobe and brick structures in Valentine, and was felt by Texans as far away as Dallas. Texas' second largest earthquake occurred on 14 April 1995, also in west Texas. It had a magnitude of 5.8, and was felt in Austin.

The Houston area has over 150 active faults (estimated to be 300 active faults) with an aggregate length of up to 310 miles (500 km), including the Long Point-Eureka Heights Fault System which runs through the center of the city. There have been no significant historically recorded earthquakes in Houston, but researchers do not discount the possibility of such quakes occurring in the deeper past, nor in the future. Land in some communities southeast of Houston is sinking because water has been pumped out from the ground for many years. It may be associated with slip along faults; however, the slippage is slow and not considered an earthquake, where stationary faults must slip suddenly enough to create seismic waves. These faults also tend to move at a smooth rate in what is termed "fault creep," which further reduces the risk of an earthquake.
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Has there ever been an Earth Quake in southeast Texas (Houston Texas Area) ?

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